Aidan is 15 months old


Time passed by way too fast! Aidan is now 15 months going 16 months old! His milestones has not differed much but here's a brief recap!

  • He is extremely curious! He loves touching every single item and also walking around to look at things. He also points at things and looks at us!
  • He hasn't learn much words however he likes to babble a lot. It is so adorable when he does so!
  • He still loves to walk! It's tough babywearing or carrying him now as he wants to explore things.
  • He is much stronger than me when it comes to injections. He has his chicken pox vaccination and didn't make a single sound when they jabbed him.
  • He is very helpful now! Sometimes we will point at things and ask him to take it to us and he does!
  • He is now very clingy and loves to cuddle me out of the blue!
  • When we tell him to find papa/mama, he really does so!
  • He still loves to ransack things like digging out things from boxes and throwing them around.
  • He still loves to latch! Although I tried introducing fresh milk to him recently, he rather latch than drink it. I believe it's a comfort thing haha.
  • He is extremely friendly and loves making friends from kiddos to adults.

Honestly I love this stage with him. It is so fun interacting with him and i love how manja he is! He is especially very clingy to me rather than Skai at this stage. I know that most kids take turns being close to one parent, so I'm just enjoying this stage! hehehehehe.


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