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Aidan’s 18 & 19 months milestones


Again, this mummy is tardy blogging. Been extremely exhausted as of late!

Here are Aidan’s milestones since hitting 18 and 19 months old!

  • For his 18th months, we brought Aidan to a cruise! His first ever trip on a boat, an extremely large one hahaha. He enjoyed himself and loved all the activities! Will definitely share more on this soon!
  • He is still extremely energetic, which is why I can hardly stay up after his bedtime (I know most of my mummy blogger friends blog after their kiddos bedtimes). I usually latch Aidan to sleep and tend to sleep when he does. Personally I don’t believe in forcing his bedtime. I know some friends had suggested the ‘cry it out’ method but that is too painful for us. Like weaning, I leave it up to Aidan. We can provide a suitable environment but we will not force.
  • Meltdown central at times. Especially when things do not go his way. Terrible twos are coming HAHAHAH.
  • He is so manja which I love. He kisses our face all the time. LOVE IT.
  • He is still very sociable. No separation anxiety or stranger danger so far. Loves to run up to people and play, grab their hands or hug them.
  • He loves to play with other kids… however most of the times, the older kids do not want to play with him. LOL.
  • Very active, always gesturing around, touching things, digging items. Hard to get him to sit down and concentrate.
  • He still latches to sleep. I have actually stopped pumping at the 18 month mark but am still latching him.
  • He is so slim now! Pretty much lost most of his baby fats!

So far so good! We brought him to a trip to Bangkok recently, will update that soon!


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