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Aidan and Davina’s monthly milestones

I have to admit, I have been extremely tardy with updating on the milestones. It’s been so hectic and i hardly have the time to sit at the computer especially with Davina needing my attention always.

I only have time on my mobile these days and even those time, is very limited. The panda period is tough but this too, will pass ūüôā

Here’s Aidan’s updates from 23 – 26 months!


  • At 23 months, I was still latching Aidan. While I know some may frown on latching as it may cause contractions, I have also heard of mothers latching throughout their pregnancy. I decided to continue latching though I reduced the frequency due to my nursing aversion.
  • Aidan still seem to enjoy school and playing with the kids. There were some mild cases of Aidan being bitten by his schoolmates but I heard that Aidan continued playing with them. LOL
  • Aidan also started recognising my tummy as meimei then.


  • Aidan’s childcare had a bout of HFMD so we took him out of childcare for 3 weeks to be safe as we couldn’t risk him contracting HFMD and passing to me at my final trimester.
  • Because we didn’t send him to school, we missed celebrating his birthday at school. Instead we had a simple celebration at home where we discovered he is scared of lighted candles.
  • He can’t pronounce his name still so he calls himself A. He would refer to his items like “A clothes”, “A shoes”, “A eat”.
  • Aidan is still very picky over his food. Most of the times, he refuses to chew and would only take soft food. He loves soup a lot!


  • He is extremely peckish and would want to snack. We have bought lots of puffs, biscuits and snacks for him.
  • Meimei arrived 2 weeks after his 2 years birthday. He loves meimei a lot. He would hug and kiss her. But he doesn’t know his strength, so we would watch out how he treats Davina lol.
  • Aidan is still very addicted to YouTube and we have had many episodes of him throwing tantrums just to get his way. Terrible twos?


  • Aidan recognises us. When we show him pictures of us in the past, he can still recognise us and would call us.
  • He is also very helpful and we would ask him to help pick up items etc and he would happily agree to do so.
  • He loves to play with toys especially the cutting toys. I think it’s because he watches those videos on YouTube and is happy to see the same items at home.

So far Aidan has not showed any jealousy to Davina, will see how it goes!

Davina at one month old!


  • Davina like Aidan is exclusively breastfed. But her feeding behaviour is the opposite of Aidan. While Aidan latches on strong and long, Davina drinks for a short period of time but frequently.
  • Davina also rejects bottles unlike Aidan. She wakes every 1.5 hours and needs to either latch or be cuddled.
  • She sleeps better with us around her. We would pat her or hug her to sleep.
  • Davina seems to be more serious as compared to Aidan. I suspect her personality will be more like Skai’s. LOL



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