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Updates about the kiddos

I am guilty again for lack of updates! Oops.

Here are the updates about the kiddos and milestones for the past 3 months ūüėÄ

Aidan’s milestones from 27 – 29 months old


  • While Aidan still continues to take breastmilk, I have swopped from latching to expressing milk for him. Tried tandem but it didn’t work so well, hard to juggle both. Feels like I was gonna drop Davina anytime HAHA. Maybe when Davina is much bigger?
  • Aidan still enjoys going to school, however he finds it difficult to wake up in the morning and would make a huge fuss about it. He would cry nonstop and would want to sleep in.
  • Still a very picky eater. He hates anything huge or that he would need to chew. Super duper fussy! We should have stuck to BLW from the beginning but it’s difficult when I’m not the main caregiver during weekdays ugh.
  • He still loves snacking a lot. He would ask for his biscuits, puffs, sweets and cheese.


  • Daily, we would give him his supplements. So far, he’s been quite a good boy taking it!
  • We have established a routine for him. Every night (if we do not go out) after dinner, we would have music time where we would sing along and dance. After that, we would read books. I try to read¬†a variety of books to him from alphabets to numbers to story telling and spot the difference. With this, his addiction to YouTube has reduced greatly but he would still try his luck by asking for it.
  • Also, Aidan is an essential oils baby. Every night, I would apply various oils and massage him. He really enjoys this and now asks for the roller to apply it on his feet himself.


  • He is extremely sweet, he would hug Skai, Davina and me anytime and also rain kisses on us.
  • He has also started asking to brush his teeth daily. No signs of wanting to be toilet trained, so we’ll just take it easy and see when he is ready.
  • Honestly, this time is the most toughest for now as he is quite opinionated. He would choose items that he wants to wear or use like his bibs. And he would tell me if whatever I’m wearing is nice or not nice. Problem is, he would also reject items these days. Like when I tell him “Aidan, it’s time to sleep.”, he would reply “Not yet!”.
  • While it’s the most tiring, I love this stage the most too. It’s so fun to interact with him and teach him things.

Davina’s milestones from 2 to 4 months old.


  • Davina is SO DIFFERENT from Aidan. We had a really tough time bottle-feeding her. She refused the bottle and would rather starve and wait for me to latch her.
  • She is also a screamer. I blame colic. For a few weeks, she would cry at the same time every night and nothing soothes her. We have been giving her gripe water… minor improvements so far.
  • She also loves to be carried so that’s the best way to soothe her.


  • Just like Aidan, she has inherited our eczema problems. She now has some eczema issues on her face, chin and chest. Doesn’t help that she scratches them all the time. We have resorted to making her wear mittens again.
  • She is also a smiley baby IF you smile at her. When she sees faces, she will smile all the time. But she would give a blank look at the camera. HAHHAA.
  • She sleeps through the night which is good and bad. Good cos I could rest better but bad cos I would wake up with super engorged breasts. Ow.


  • Finally at 4 months, she managed to take the bottle. From drinking 30ml only, she is now taking 130ml. Thank god I ‘lengthened’ my maternity leave by utilising 2 weeks of annual leave.
  • She is a thumb sucker! She loves sucking her thumb and refuses pacifiers.
  • Davina flipped and would only sleep on her side or on her front, which freaks me out as I would keep waking up to make sure she is alive. I tried so many times to put her on her back but she would just flip back.
  • She would smile and ‘chat’ with Aidan when he hugs her. I think these two would be fun to watch in future. Got a feeling Davina will whack Aidan though. HAHHAA.

I know I always said I didn’t want kids previously but seriously these two are a blessing. It’s been so great having them <3

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