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When I was pregnant, I had a few scares. It wasn't an easy pregnancy. The one thing I remembered very strongly from what my gynae said was.. "You'll never stop worrying as a parent."

And that stuck throughout with me.

I was worried during my pregnancy. I was worried when giving birth. I was worried when I didn't have any milk and was struggling to latch him. I was worried when he first flipped and slept on his belly. I actually stared to make sure he didn't suffocate himself. LOL.


I was worried when he first puked. I was worried when he first fell off the bed. And pretty much cried as I felt like a bad mom. I was worried when he first had eczema. I was worried when he first had a mosquito bite. Feared and googled for signs of dengue.


I was worried about hand, food and mouth disease and pretty much sterilised every baby chair we used. I was worried when he first had a fever from his vaccination. I was worried for every single bump and bruise he has.

I was worried whenever he has a cold or a cough. Last weekend, he fell sick. He had a fever and a drippy nose. I was worried for every single hour he was crying.


I will never stop worrying because that's how we, as parents are built to function. We will continue to worry for every single day. Even when he grows big, when he starts school, when he first goes out on a date, when he first goes to school alone. It is just how we are built. As parents, we will never stop worrying.


We can never ever be prepared. No matter how much we can prevent and prepare ourselves, shit happens. Like I mentioned, I always sterilise every single baby chair that I use outside. I hardly let Aidan around anyone who is sick. If a friend's baby is sick, I would not even meet my friend incase she passes something to me and then me to Aidan.

I breastfeed Aidan for a very selfish reason - for his immune system. And of course for that bond we have while latching.

I am THAT kiasu mum who tries her best to prevent and protect Aidan. Right after I gave birth, I called my insurance agent to come visit me at the hospital to sign some policies for Aidan.

While I can never prepare enough for him, I'll try my hardest to protect him for the future. As best as I can.

Health care costs have increased over the years. Did you know that based on a research study from the Life Insurance Association, an average working Singaporean would require at least S$626,000 to meet their Protection Needs? o.O.

Together with Tokio Marine, I would like to introduce you to two insurance products to help prepare us and protect parents like us.

Tokio Marine (TM) Term Assure

This is mainly to protect parents like you and me. It is a basic and affordable term plan that provides significant lump sum payout upon death, terminal illness and permanent disability. If you are between the ages of 25 to 35, you can have half a million dollar coverage with a 5 year plan for less than $1 a day!

Once you are covered under TM Term Assure, you can opt to add on KidAssure GIO Rider, a rider that provides protection to your kids.


KidAssure GIO Rider

This covers up to 24 medical and hospitalisation conditions such as Severe Asthma, Leukaemia, Severe Autism, Burn, Choking, Dengue Fever, HFMD, Measles, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Rabies and even Zika.

What makes this rather interesting is that you'll only need to pay premiums for 5 years and coverage will be up till your kid is 19 years old. At the end of term, you'll get 80% back of the total annual premiums paid for the rider! It costs as low as S$1 per day for a ride sum assured of S$50,000 and it is a guaranteed acceptance rider, without any medical underwriting needed.

Here's an example:

If you purchase KidAssure GIO Rider for your 6 year old son, the annual premium will be S$350 for a rider sum assured of S$50,000. You'll pay for 5 years which is equivalent to S$1,750. When your son reaches 19 years old, you'll be refunded S$1,400.

Sounds good? It does to me! If you'll like to find out more about these products, do visit Baby World 2017 from 30 June - 2 July at Suntec City Exhibition Level 4 from 11am to 8pm as there will be a Tokio Marine booth (K15)! There will be fun and games too!


This post was written in conjunction with Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore.



You've probably read and seen my previous posts with Ashley Low Photography. After a great experience with them, they were my top choice when I was looking to do another photoshoot.

Needless to say, I wanted to celebrate the special moment of Aidan turning 1! I love the whole concept of a Cake Smash Photoshoot thus I really wanted to do one!
I discussed this with Ashley on the concept and she suggested a blue theme! Which was perfect cos that was one of our favourite colours! Well, mine.


I also requested for something simpler like buntings or poms and Ashley totally nailed it with the background prepared! She also prepared the cutest cake ever!



Unfortunately the star of the show was feeling a bit cranky that day and refused to touch the cake. Really gotta love how patient the photographer was and Aidan soon warmed up!


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"Breast is best." "No, fed is best." "No no no! You are wrong, breast is best!"

I'm so sick of reading such statements.

My personal stand? "If I can, I will."

Hello. I'm Nadia. I'm a breastfeeding mum of a 14 month old little boy.

I used to exclusively latch till I went back to work. Now i pump when I'm at work and latch whenever I'm with my son. That means on weekends, it's full on latching with him. Yes, milk on tap. Buffet style.

I'm also a c-section mum. My milk kicked in on late day 3 and I soon became an oversupply mum. I bought an extra deep freezer just to store my milk and I have invested in 3 breast pumps. I've went through countless boxes of breastmilk bags and I have paid for at least 30 breast massages to clear my blocked milk ducts.

Is breastfeeding "cheaper" than formula? I don't think so. (For now) With whatever I have invested, I feel like I spent a lot. If I couldn't breastfeed back then, I wouldn't mind feeding formula. But if I can breastfeed, I will.

But I don't breastfeed to save money. I breastfeed cos I love breastfeeding. I love the intimacy when Aidan looks into my eyes while suckling. His intense look into my eyes. Sometimes he kneads my breast, sometimes he plays with the other nipple (which i hate!), sometimes he pulls his chou chou rabbit and holds it while he suckle.

I love sharing that tender moment where we gaze into each other eyes till he drifts to sleep. But most of all, I love the comfort I bring him.

There are plenty of bad days. Days where he bites. Hard. Days where he pushes my face away. Days where I pumped late and I have a nasty blocked duct. Days where people exclaim surprise that I was still breastfeeding. When will I stop, they asked?

Days where people ask me to pump in the toilet. Days where people suggest I pump and dump (?!?!?!!!). Days where my milk supply dwindles. Days where i get blisters. I really hate the biting and blocked ducts most of all.

But most of all, the benefits outweigh the cons.

The other day, Aidan was down with a fever. He refused any solid food or water. He also drank very little milk from the bottle. He was fussy and couldn't sleep.

As soon as I got home, he began to tug at my top. He needed comfort. I latched him and stroked his head tenderly. He soon drifted and fell asleep.


This is why I breastfeed.

So that I can give comfort to my son when it's much needed. Like now.

So when people asked me when I will stop breastfeeding, I tend to lie because I was tired of explaining. I always say maybe when he hits 18 months or 2 years old.

But in my heart, I know the real answer. When he has decided to wean me off. I won't wean him. But if he decides to wean me off, I'll understand.

Though i'll probably weep the day that he chooses to do so.

In the meantime, I'll continue. As long he wants me.


Hopefully it'll be for a long long time.



My little boy is no longer a baby anymore! He is now 13 months old (actually this entry is extremely tardy!). No longer a baby, a toddler now!

Here are Aidan's milestones:


  • Untitled
    • He is extremely inquisitive! He loves looking and examining items!


    • It's really cute how he would 'ask questions' by pointing at things and going 'eh?'


    • He is extremely great at walking. At 12 months, he started to walk with support, now he is great at walking.


    • Due to his new achievement at walking, he prefers to walk unassisted. When we try holding his hands when walking, sometimes he would shrug us off! :'(


    • His first word is Papa. His second word is Ball. He hasn't said Mama yet. SOBSSSSSS.




    • He LOVES balloons! Whenever he sees balloons or anything ball shaped, he'll point at say 'Ball ball!' over and over again.



    • He is still breastfeed. He still tends to comfort latch.


    • Due to him being overly active and walking quite a lot, he has lost some of his baby fats. Mama is VERY VERY SAD.
    • He is unafraid of strangers. He would walk up to strangers and disturb them.




    • He is also not afraid of animals. We tested it with Fidel's doggy and Miu Miu.


    • He has learnt how to bang. He has started banging our doors, especially when we are in the washroom.


    • He will imitate us e.g. like opening doors, closing doors etc.


  • He greets us with the cutest smiles whenever he sees us.

We are so blessed to have him. While it is tiring honestly, he cheers us up most of the time. There are tough times I don't deny, but his smiles makes it worthwhile.


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