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Aidan’s 16 & 17 months milestones


I gotta apologise for being so tardy with blogging. Sadly I hardly have the time to blog anymore and am pretty much tired. Most days I go to bed cuddling my hyper active son although I tell myself to go blog after his bedtime.

Here are Aidan’s milestones since hitting 16 and 17 months old!

  • He is extremely energetic. He is still a night owl and sleeps super late at night. While we have tried to sleep train him, it is really tough. I also think it’s because we get home so late after fetching Aidan from my MIL’s place (with the obligatory stay there and chit chat for a while because Skai says it is not a hotel where you pick and go). Aidan would of course like to spend some time playing with us. We tried to minimise playing so as not to hype him up some more. Mums guilt also kicks in cos we hardly get to spend time with him ¬†except for weekends :/
  • A taste of the upcoming terrible twos. When we take away things from him, sometimes he goes into a full blown meltdown. While we were able to distract him previously, it is tough to do so now. Unfortunately for him, we usually stand our ground and not give in to him.
  • Speech is still slow. Aidan is one of those kiddos who walks before he talks. He is a great walker but not so much of a talker. He babbles a lot but hardly speaks. He tends to be repetitive with his words e.g Papa, Ball ball, bao bao. He did say Mama previously but recently he calls me Baby. HAHHAA. A typical day where we read books to him, we will say ‘Zebra!’ and he will reply ‘Ball ball!’. Every animal to him = ball ball. LOL.
  • He plays favourites. At my MIL’s place, he tends to stick to my in-laws because they basically give in to him. At home, at night, he would try to stick to me. The other day at night, I tried to pass him to Skai to carry but Aidan only wanted me to carry him.
  • Recently he keeps waking up at night and because he only wants me, I recently hard to stay up in the middle of the night coaxing him. 2 days of 2am – 5am sleepless nights. GG MAX.
  • Persistent latcher. I tried to slowly cut down on latching at night but it’s tough. He ONLY wants to latch even if we offer a bottle or fresh milk.
  • Extremely happy and friendly. He loves people. He would go up to people and make friends.

We will be going for our first cruise as a family next week and I can’t wait to see how Aidan takes to it! Especially with the Dreamworks characters! I love this stage, as it’s super fun playing with him. It is also very tiring but it’s all worth it ūüôā


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