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Aidan’s milestones


Pregnancy the second time, makes me feel even more tired than the first time. Maybe the fact that I’m older plus having to chase Aidan is the reason why. HAHHAA. Sorry for the tardy updates, here’s Aidan’s milestones from 20 – 22 months old!

  • Aidan started childcare at 20 months old as there was a childcare slot FINALLY. Initially, Skai and I had plans to only send Aidan to childcare at 2 years old but since a slot finally opened in Punggol, we leapt at it!
  • He loves school and hardly cried. He loves socialising with his friends and have lots of fun. I think childcare is fun for him and we think that it’s good that he socialises.
  • Unfortunately, he also fell sick pretty often in childcare. Cough, cold etc. He was even hospitalised for a bit.
  • I started dabbling into essential oils to help both Aidan and myself. Since I’m pregnant, I can’t take much medicine. Also, I didn’t want Aidan to take too much medicines too.
  • I still latch but I have stopped pumping. Latching was a bit difficult at this stage as I suffered from nursing aversion. More on this, soon!


  • With childcare, Aidan tend to sleep a bit earlier. While he is still energetic, he gets tired easily now.
  • He has started to be a bit more vocal these days. Saying more, milk, papa, mama, meimei, Aaaaa (as in referring to himself), sit in mandarin etc
  • He is still so manja which I love. He kisses our face all the time. LOVE IT. He is so cute when he does that! Though recently he started¬†giving wet sloppy kisses hahhaha
  • He is still very very sociable.
  • Unfortunately after his bout at the hospital, he has been introduced to the land of YouTube. ADDICTION MAXIMUS.


Can’t wait to see how he reacts when Davina is here ūüėÄ

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