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Loving Gaston Luga’s backpacks!

[Product Review]

As parents, Skai and I can hardly travel “handsfree” anymore. We have to pack the whole house lots of items when we travel out with Aidan.

I love my diaper bags, I really do. But there are days where we just need to carry a simpler design of bags that looks well.. more adult like. LOL.

When the kind folks from Gaston Liga backpacks decided to hook Skai and I up with some sweet bags, we were excited! To be exact, Skai was EXTREMELY excited. He wasn’t a huge fan of my big pink and girlish diaper bag and he would rather pick something more versatile.

Here’s Skai’s backpack of choice.




He chose the Classic Black Black backpack. He loves how simple and classy it was. And when we are not with Aidan, he also carries this bag for work/outings.

While the backpack may look small, it still packs a bunch. For a typical day out with Aidan, Skai packs a changepad, diapers, wet wipes, a bagful of Aidan’s toys. The essentials.

For me, I prefer something preppy. So I can look younger. HAHAHAHA.



I chose the Praper in Navy and Brown. For me, I usually pack Aidan’s food and drinks e.g. his porridge, water and snacks.

Skai also looks great with this design! Definitely an unisex design and colour!


If you like Gaston Luga’s backpacks as much as I do, you’ll be excited to find out that I will be offering a 15% discount when you use my promo code nadnut15!

Do take note that it was ALWAYS free shipping with 20% off as tax rebate (for orders from non-EU country) AND 15% off when you use my promo code.

What a great deal! Do check it out, don’t say I never share!

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