14 months old now!


Aidan is now 14 months old! Time is passing by way too fast and I'm just grasping at my little baby as he's turning into a big boy now.

Aidan's milestones does not differ much from when he was 13 months old.

  • He still has an unhealthy obsession with remote controls. He would try his very best to grab them and press all buttons as fast as possible.
  • He still says Ball Ball a lot. Second favourite word is Papa papa. He has said Mama but in extreme cases. Like when he wants to latch.
  • He is extremely active and persists on walking around a lot which is probably why he has lost weight.
  • He basically loves to ransack things like digging out things from boxes and throwing them around.
  • He is extremely inquisitive. He would fiddle with things or point at items and go 'eh' as if he is asking about them.
  • He still sleeps pretty late but he knows how to self soothe. Latching makes him sleep earlier though.
  • I am still breastfeeding him. He loves to latch. It has pretty much become comfort latching but it's very useful in cases where he is sick or afraid.

I love every moment with him. He is extremely cheeky and interactive at this stage ūüôā

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