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#project1314: Misc wedding preps

Have been so busy with #project1314 that I haven’t found the time to blog. Oops!

Here are some quick updates!

We reprinted the extra invites we needed (though there was a long delay in that) and finally sent ALL of our invites out! Phew!

We visited our hotel for another site recee with our florist Mirage Flowers.

Can’t believe that it will be our wedding this Saturday! On the actual day, the official hashtag is #nadskai1314. #project1314 is the planning stages while #nadskai1314 is the actual happenings!

Had a food tasting session and also chose our tablecloths, dinner plates then!

Loving the moodboard sent by I love Candy Buffet! I will be having a mini candy table at my wedding!

The search for THE gowns have been difficult! I kept changing my mind! hhahhaaha! Finally confirmed our outfits! I took SO many pics of the gowns I tried! Think I’ll blog about them in a separate entry! LOL

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