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#nadskai1314: Final pictures from the wedding dinner!

As mentioned in my previous post, here is my final photolog of #nadskai1314!

Continuing from the previous post… We snuck away for a quick outfit change after the second course.

Usually what happens is that the couples would have a rather tight time changing outfits and a quick touch up. Makeup and hair, that is.

The morning gatecrash video will be showed at this time while the bride and groom get ready outside of the ballroom for their march in. At this time, none of us had seen the video. We peeked in and watched the video too. :p

Skai & Nadia – Wedding Highlights from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

Gotta love the expressions captured by our photographers!

Ignore the ass. We swopped places here as we thought to show each “side” our “side”.

Although this was a blur pic, I really like this! Shows how colourful our wedding was!

We were then invited up on stage for the champagne toast.

Pointing to where the cork should “hit”.

Why can’t I be more glamourous at my wedding? #unglamnad

We then invited our families, the brothers, sisters and close friends up on stage for the toast.

Naughty Herbert asked us to kiss till the final YAMSENG was completed. And boy, was it a long one. The Yamseng that is.

And oh boy, the time to say our speech.

We didn’t prepare ANYTHING at all. Totally winged it. I remembered saying something wrong 😡 About my parents always supportive of all of my boyfriendS. Oops. I rectified it immediately by saying of only him. :p

I’ll be posting the table to table pics on Facebook but here are two of my favourite ones! Mainly cos it was two of our biggest group of friends!

The barflies.

The biker gang.

In a blink of an eye, the wedding was over. Together with our families, we shook hands with our guests and exchanged pictures & hugs.

Thanks everyone who spared the time to attend our little celebration!

And now… time to spam the honeymoon pics! If anyone needs tips on planning your wedding, let me know!

– Bridal gown from Bridal Closet
– Makeup and Hair from Cindy from Colorpots Makeup
– Groom’s outfit from Bridal Closet
– Bridal bouquet, boutonniere, floral arch, carpet grass, balloons, stage decor from Mirage Flowers
– Accessories from Bridal Closet
– LOVE sign from IM.Perfection

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– Jacelyn’s

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