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#project1314: Tomorrow is the day!

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When you’ve read this, I would have already been checked into the hotel. All prepared and kinda nervous of what to expect tomorrow. As someone who has worked in the events industry before, I of all people know that there is NEVER a smooth sailing event.

There will always be fuck ups. Just a matter of how big or how insignificant it is. But I will not bother about those. I even told my #nadbridesmaids to not bother me if there are any issues. LOLOLOLOL.

After more than a year, #project1314 is finally here. Join me in sharing my happiness through my friends/family/colleagues’ eyes via instagram. The hashtag is #nadskai1314.


Oh, I did not prepare any speech. So gonna wing it tomorrow. And if I get stage fright, I’m just gonna say thank you and have fun. HAHAHAHAHA.

Alamak. This means I gotta give angbaos during CNY soon. #shiftyeyes. And oh, I have SO MUCH to share about wedding planning. From the good and the bad. Been meaning to spill out for so long but gotta tahan till after 1314!

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