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#nadskai1314: part 1 of the wedding dinner

Remember I blogged about the pre-dinner activities? Here’s the photolog of the wedding dinner!

I asked my friends Herbert and PeiPei to be my hosts for our wedding. Our guests totally raved about them! <3 Best hosts ever! I have had a few queries about both of them! Quote ‘nadnut sent me’ and email bertliu@hotmail.com if you’ll like to engage Herbert and he’ll quote you a better price! (Not sponsored wor! He’s my polymate!)

Some pictures of our decor before we made our grand entrance!

Lovely Groom and Bride signs with Tiffany chairs by the kind folks at Mirage Flowers. Spy the colourful balloons behind? Isn’t it so “UP”?

I love our backdrop! I have never seen anything like this for a hotel wedding! Love the fairy lights with the soft fabric, colourful pinwheels and poms! Mirage Flowers really delivered as promised! They suggested this design after a discussion with me alongside some research on me, my blog and my likes. LOVE IT!

Instead of something huge for the VIP table, they kept it simple with lovely flowers in pastel colours! I had also bought wands which the brothers helped to put at every table along the aisle!

Not only did Mirage Flowers bring in the green grass carpet, they also sprinkle rose pedals. I didn’t know that it was in the design of S + N! LOL!

Our lovely whimsical wonderland (garden + UP concept) decor!

The gorgeous floral arch inside the ballroom also proposed by Mirage Flowers!

Wedding favours with napkins folded two ways by the hotel.

I felt like such a klutz marching in. Kept stepping on my gown, as you can see from the pic above. By right, we’re supposed to step kick step kick step kick. Kicking as in kick the gown. But yours truly kept stumbling. BAH!

The wands are such a hit with the crowd! Am thinking of bringing this in to sell!

After our march in, we went up on stage to cut the cake.

And dinner could finally commence.

After the first two courses… we sneaked away when nobody was watching…

While our guests enjoyed themselves catching up with friends and family…

Look out for the final post soon!!! (Actually I wanted to make this my final entry but it was too image intensive. My apologies!)

– Bridal gown from Bridal Closet
– Makeup and Hair from Cindy from Colorpots Makeup
– Groom’s outfit from Bridal Closet
– Bridal bouquet, boutonniere, floral arch, carpet grass, balloons, stage decor from Mirage Flowers
– Accessories from Bridal Closet
– LOVE sign from IM.Perfection

Remember to quote NADNUT to enjoy discounts from the wedding vendors above!

Check out their blog posts on the actual day here!

– Esther’s
– Elaine’s

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