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Post Natal Massage Singapore Review

Before giving birth, I had very bad backaches due to the strain of a huge belly. My back was killing me with the weight and I sought relief through massages.

I did both my prenatal and postnatal massages with Post Natal Massage Singapore. As some of you guys may remember, my tummy was huge during pregnancy.

After giving birth, I knew I was suffering from very bad water retention. My feet were extremely swollen and my whole body was bloated. Unfortunately, I couldn’t start on my postnatal massages immediately as I had a c-section.

Typically for c-section mamas, it is advised to commence on postnatal massages after 21 days at least. Post Natal Massage Singapore (PNSG) followed up with calls after my delivery to check in on how I was feeling and when would I like to start the massage.

As I had a bit of a difficult recovery, I only commenced my massage about 3.5 weeks after giving birth. I discussed with PNSG on a suitable time and my preferences and soon, a therapist was assigned to me.

Meet Madam Aisyah.


Madam Aisyah was assigned to me and we hit it off straightaway. I shared with her on my concerns and problem areas and she got to work to helping me.

Some of the areas of concern that I voiced out:

  1. Bad water retention
  2. Lower back pain
  3. Engorgement issues

PNSG massages are done on our bed. We have to provide 2 big and 2 small towels at all sessions. If you have a sofa bed or tilam, it will also do. What the therapist will do is to lay a protective sheet over the bed before laying the towels.


For each massage, you could choose to use either the jamu herbs or a slimming cream. Of course the jamu herbs are more effective, however they tend to get messier when the powder dries up.

Needless to say, I chose jamu herbs. Messy can clean, effective is more important haha!

For each massage, Madam Aisyah massages the whole body including a head massage. She will also customise the massage depending on my body’s condition that day. For one of the days, I had very extreme backaches so she focused on the back. For each massage, she also helped to relief engorgement and clear blocked ducts.

But mainly, she focused on the tummy to help shape my waistline and reduce water retention and bloatedness. Madam Aisyah mentioned that she would not exert much strength on my tummy as I had a c-section and she checked with me if I felt any pain at every step of the way.


She applied the jamu herbs and wrapped me up with a binder (aka bengkung) for every session. For those who purchase packages with PNSG, a binder will be provided.


The binder was wrapped tight but not uncomfortable. I could carry Davina, breastfeed and nap easily in it. I was advised to keep it on no longer than 8 hours as the jamu powder would dry up and start falling out.

After 8 hours, I would take a warm shower and replace the binder with my own compression binders instead.

At the last session, Madam Aisyah demonstrated a baby massage on Davina.



The massage she showed could be used with any preferred massage oil and would help to relax babies and reduce bloated tummies.

After the 10 sessions, I really felt less bloated and my water retention was greatly reduced! Thank you Madam Aisyah and Post Natal Massage Singapore for the experience!



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Hope that you have enjoyed reading this Post Natal Massage Singapore review. If you have any queries, do feel free to comment below. You can also check out PNSG’s website for more info.

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