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Before giving birth, I had very bad backaches due to the strain of a huge belly. My back was killing me with the weight and I sought relief through massages.

I did both my prenatal and postnatal massages with Post Natal Massage Singapore. As some of you guys may remember, my tummy was huge during pregnancy.

After giving birth, I knew I was suffering from very bad water retention. My feet were extremely swollen and my whole body was bloated. Unfortunately, I couldn't start on my postnatal massages immediately as I had a c-section.

Typically for c-section mamas, it is advised to commence on postnatal massages after 21 days at least. Post Natal Massage Singapore (PNSG) followed up with calls after my delivery to check in on how I was feeling and when would I like to start the massage.

As I had a bit of a difficult recovery, I only commenced my massage about 3.5 weeks after giving birth. I discussed with PNSG on a suitable time and my preferences and soon, a therapist was assigned to me.

Meet Madam Aisyah.


Madam Aisyah was assigned to me and we hit it off straightaway. I shared with her on my concerns and problem areas and she got to work to helping me.

Some of the areas of concern that I voiced out:

  1. Bad water retention
  2. Lower back pain
  3. Engorgement issues

PNSG massages are done on our bed. We have to provide 2 big and 2 small towels at all sessions. If you have a sofa bed or tilam, it will also do. What the therapist will do is to lay a protective sheet over the bed before laying the towels.


For each massage, you could choose to use either the jamu herbs or a slimming cream. Of course the jamu herbs are more effective, however they tend to get messier when the powder dries up.

Needless to say, I chose jamu herbs. Messy can clean, effective is more important haha!

For each massage, Madam Aisyah massages the whole body including a head massage. She will also customise the massage depending on my body's condition that day. For one of the days, I had very extreme backaches so she focused on the back. For each massage, she also helped to relief engorgement and clear blocked ducts.

But mainly, she focused on the tummy to help shape my waistline and reduce water retention and bloatedness. Madam Aisyah mentioned that she would not exert much strength on my tummy as I had a c-section and she checked with me if I felt any pain at every step of the way.


She applied the jamu herbs and wrapped me up with a binder (aka bengkung) for every session. For those who purchase packages with PNSG, a binder will be provided.


The binder was wrapped tight but not uncomfortable. I could carry Davina, breastfeed and nap easily in it. I was advised to keep it on no longer than 8 hours as the jamu powder would dry up and start falling out.

After 8 hours, I would take a warm shower and replace the binder with my own compression binders instead.

At the last session, Madam Aisyah demonstrated a baby massage on Davina.



The massage she showed could be used with any preferred massage oil and would help to relax babies and reduce bloated tummies.

After the 10 sessions, I really felt less bloated and my water retention was greatly reduced! Thank you Madam Aisyah and Post Natal Massage Singapore for the experience!



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Hope that you have enjoyed reading this Post Natal Massage Singapore review. If you have any queries, do feel free to comment below. You can also check out PNSG's website for more info.

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For our first pregnancy, we hired a confinement nanny to help as both of our parents were not able to help with my confinement. We really appreciated the additional help especially since I had undergone a caesarian surgery.

This time around, it was pretty much a no-brainer decision for us. With an active toddler who is only 2 years old, we would need all hands on deck.

Thus this time, we decided to hire a nanny from PEM Confinement Agency which is one of the most popular confinement agencies in Singapore.

I actually shared about my nanny often on Instagram and some of my friends and readers have requested for a PEM confinement review so here it goes!

Here are the main reasons why we decided on hiring a confinement nanny:

  1. Our parents are unable to help with the confinement period. My mum is working whereas my mother-in-law can't cook confinement food and is not confident in taking care of a newborn.
  2. Having an additional pair of hands would help lighten our load and stress.
  3. Going thru another caesarian meant a longer recovery to me. I also did not want to stress my wound too much and I was right in thinking so. My recovery this time around was really really tough.
  4. We could concentrate on spending time with the kids instead of focusing on the chores.
  5. Skai was unable to take one month of leave to be the 'confinement nanny'.
  6. Both of us had no idea on how to cook and prepare confinement food.

With these overwhelming reasons, our decision came really easy for us. We preferred to work with an agency rather than hiring a freelancer as we have heard many horror stories about freelancers. With an agency, if there are any hassles, we could always get a replacement or ask the agency to settle the problem.

We called PEM really early in my pregnancy as I remember how fast they were fully booked being one of the most popular and reputable agencies. Made our deposit and was given a reference number and briefed on the procedures. We were told to call them once I have given birth.

We were introduced to Auntie Wee Kin (#454). I liked that she was bilingual as she managed to speak Mandarin to my hubby and Malay to me. I'll be breaking down my PEM confinement review into a few sections on how Auntie has helped us.

I guess as a second time mama, I kinda knew what I wanted to do. I discussed with Auntie  and we discussed on a suitable routine.

PEM confinement review


For me, with the success of Aidan's breastfeeding journey (he has been breastfed till now actually, more than 2 years!), I wanted total breastfeeding. Not only that, I only wanted to latch. No bottles or pacifiers were to be used during confinement. Auntie was super supportive of my breastfeeding journey and even helped to clear space in my freezer for when I pumped.

She also made sure I have adequate rest as she mentioned that happy and well-rested mamas would have a better supply. Not only that, she made sure to cook plenty of boosters for me to help with my breastfeeding journey.

PEM confinement review

We also had an arrangement where while she took care of Davina at night, whenever Davina was hungry, she will pass to me to latch and I will return Davina to her afterwards. Though it was more tiring for her as compared to feeding formula (where babies usually sleep longer) and that she would have to wake up more times at night, she was more than willing to do so.

Caesarian recovery

As mentioned above, my recovery was really tough. It was more painful than the first time actually. I was pretty much bedridden for the first week. Auntie  helped to cook nourishing soups for me to help aid my recovery.

Also because I had a caesarian, I couldn't eat chicken or eggs for the first two weeks. She prepared many various dishes that didn't make me 'sian' of pork at all!


I told Auntie that from previous experiences, I did not want breakfast. If really need be, a simple toast or cooked oats. I couldn't stomach a very filling breakfast in the morning as this wasn't my style. For lunch, I preferred a one-dish meal and for dinner, I was okay with a few dishes as Skai would be eating with me.

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

Auntie made a lot of yummy dishes and once she knew what I liked, she would replicate it in many various ways. I often ask Auntie to cook the same thing over and over again (like my fave beehoon soup, fried beehoon, salmon and pork trotters).

I liked that Auntie kept things simple. Soups were nourishing but not bitter. Drinks were tasty but not overpowering. She was scared that I would be sick of the longan red date tea so she made sure to alternate drinks. I would have longan red date tea for one day and fried rice tea for the other. She would also prepare tea breaks for me. She noticed that I had very bad water retention and made a point to prepare red bean soup for me often.

Skai and I really enjoyed her cooking and we really loved the homeliness of it. Reminds me of home cooked meals. While she wasn't obligated to, she also cooked for Aidan who was a very very fussy eater!

Auntie also made sure I had sufficient hot drinks and would wake up in the middle of the night to replenish my flask!


Auntie was seriously a clean freak! HAHHAA. And I mean it in the most positive and endearing way. She couldn't stand having things messy or dirty. In the first week that she was with us, she basically gave my home a makeover! She helped me with the messy rooms and kitchen. She introduced a better organisational system for both the nursery and kitchen which really made things easier to find! She is also very particular about cleanliness. She would mop and sweep the floor everyday.

PEM confinement review

Skai and I also liked how clean and neat Auntie was. We felt at ease with her taking care of Davina as we observed her cleaning and bathing Davina.

Love of kids

While Auntie wasn't obligated to take care or cook for Aidan, she did so. I noticed that she really loved kids and she love to interact with Aidan. She would entertain Aidan daily and play with him. She would also sing to Davina and chat with her daily.

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

Some days, she would help to feed Aidan so that Skai and I could eat at our own time without rushing through our meals.

PEM confinement review

I think one of Auntie's favourite moments with us was attending Davina's newborn shoot. She was going gaga over how cute Davina was. heh.

Temperament and character

What I liked about Auntie Wee Kin was her modern way of thinking. She did not restrict me from bathing and would prepare the herbs for me to shower with each day. She only asked that I would blow dry my hair so that I would not catch a cold. She does not nag and is not kaypoh. She keeps to herself when needed and is not a chatterbox. I really liked this aspect as for the first week, I was in tremendous pain that all I wanted to do is rest. She was a very motherly figure (without the naggyness) and was super caring.

PEM Confinement review

I miss Auntie so much! We even celebrated her birthday as it was during the confinement period. We found out that she liked colourful and sweet snacks so Skai went out to buy a mini rainbow cake for her. We kinda barged in during her rest time and sang to her. She was so shocked! hAHHAA.

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

I highly recommend Auntie Wee Kin to anyone who is looking for a confinement nanny. If you are looking for her, you can quote her number #454 when booking from PEM Confinement Agency. I have a friend who has booked her for her confinement and I'm so glad to hear that! I intend to visit her and Auntie once she has popped heh!

PEM confinement review

PEM confinement review

Here are the last two pics of Auntie we took on her last day! Even Davina looked sian that Auntie was leaving LOL. She woke up that day at dawn to prepare plenty of food for us. Super touched!

Thanks for reading this super long PEM confinement review. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

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As some of you guys may know, I did my recent maternity shoot with Ashley Low Photography and basically almost all of my family shoots with her!

She did such an awesome job with Aidan's newborn photoshoot that it's a no-brainer that I would return to her!

Do check out pics of Aidan's shoot here! 

Prior to the shoot

We discussed about themes and concepts. Questions posed to me were:

- Do you have any colour preferences like “neutral”, “pastels only”, “bright” or you are fine with any colour choice?
- Do you like usage of flowers, floral themes?
- We have the following set ups: basket/fabric ; beanbags ; themes - do you have preference over any kind of set ups?

I also viewed their website to have a sense of what types of set ups were available. Back then, for Aidan's shoot, I wanted colourful. For Davina, I wanted more neutral and girly colours. I also opted for more beanbags and baskets/fabrics as compared to concept themes.

Ashley's team also shared with us to consider neutral coloured outfits for our family shoot and to avoid big logos etc. Like with Aidan's, we decided to go with all white again!

They also sent across the location map for our easy reference.

On the day itself

Ashley has shifted studio to a stone's throw away from her previous one. The new studio is bigger and more comfy!



There was a huge bunch of props and also an area for kids to have fun, which Aidan definitely did! He had so much fun with all of the toys!



A pantry area where cold and hot drinks are available. Plenty of snacks were available too!



Some of the other props available such as cloths, swaddles, baskets etc


A changing table where diapers and wet wipes are available.


I was extremely excited when I walked in as I saw all of the themes prepared for me.

I soon sat back and just let Ashley and her team to work her magic. She took care of outfit changes, to coaxing Davina to even changing her diaper when Davina soiled it! Here are some behind the scenes pics I sneakily took of Ashley and team!




We managed to finish the photoshoot within 1.5 hours despite having to stop for 2 times, to breastfeed and also having to coax a temperamental Aidan who did not want to take pics and wanted to continue playing LOL.

All I can say is... Ashley really knows how to coax kids! She got Aidan smiling in no time!

Final results



Love the sky background!


Florals! Huge fan of florals



Pink and neutrals in a basket!


I had to do this shot as we did a similar one for Aidan back then! I also customised the name banner for Davina.


My princess in a tutu!

And my personal favourite... the family shots!






My happy family. 😀



Featuring the gems in my life.

I'm so glad that we decided on a newborn shoot for both of our kids, they grow up so fast! Love that we captured these precious moments in prints!

Discount code available!

If you are an expecting mum, I'll highly recommend that you splurge on a newborn shoot! It's definitely worth it! Ashley has also kindly extended a discount for www.nadnut.com readers!

Simply quote ‘Nadia’ upon booking to enjoy $50 discount on all session fees! Discount is available till 31st December 2018. Do take note that terms and conditions apply!

For bookings and enquiries, email Ashley at: info@ashleylowphotography.com
Visit her website for more details! www.ashleylowphotography.com

Background info about Ashley:

Ashley Low Photography (ALP) is a cosy and personable boutique set-up that provides creative and fun photos for your beautiful lasting memories for your newborns and babies. Ashley is a female photographer and the only Photographer in ALP who specialises in Newborn and Baby Photography, and they also provide photography services for pregnant mummies and families in Singapore. ALP has been around for over 6 years now!

If you like my photos, do check out Ashley Low Photography! It's definitely a great experience working with her. All in all, I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions and actual photoshoot the most! She really made me feel at ease, which is very important for a newborn photoshoot!

Do check out my pregnancy and baby blog posts here:

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