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10 Things That Short People Have To Deal With.

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As some all of you guys may know, I am vertically challenged. Short. Petite. Like. Very. Short. Most of you guys may not be able to relate to this entry. But hey, here’s a shoutout to fellow shorties, let’s get the word out!

Here are the 10 things that Short People (like yours truly) have to deal with. And it’s damn annoying!

1. Trying to reach for items.

Why are things placed so high?! Just last week, I wanted to take a plate from my office pantry. It was placed too high. Like too high for me. I could 1) ask for help or 2) place a chair and stand on it. I decided to do 3) give up on the damn plate.


I don’t know about you shorties but I get really embarrassed to ask for help from people I hardly know. That being said, when I’m more familiar with people, I will be bugging them to do stuff for me. E.g. Reagan and Daryl opening my canned drinks. Err yeah.

2. Everything is too damn long.

The skirts. The shorts. The jeans. The dresses. Great if I wanna wear a skirt as a maxi skirt or capri pants as long pants.

My uniqlo 3/4 jeans are my full length jeans. True story.

3. Petite is for skinny. Not short.

I went to a famous fashion store located in town recently. Looked at their petite section and nothing could fit. Yeah, I gained weight and am no longer slim like last year BUT STILL! I know of a lot of people bigger than me!

And guess what? Even if they could fit me, they will still be too long. FML.

4. Minimum height.

How demeaning! Shouldn’t it be minimum age instead?! I remember once queuing up for a go-kart ride or something in the now demolished SCAPE (or was it some other theme park? hmmm) They had a minimum height for that ride! Needless to say, I sulked away after that.

5. Taking pictures.

People either tower over you or bend down so that they’ll be the same height as you. I’m fine with both as long as they do not look awkward. But it seems that everyone else have a problem with it. I have seen people try to adjust their positions to fit my height. Seriously people, it’s not that big a deal. If you are feeling awkward, let’s take pictures sitting down.

6. Asking for our height.

What is this? Does knowing my height changes anything? Does knowing my height makes you a millionaire? Why so kaypoh?!

7. Chairs. T.T

I HATE bar stools. I dunno if it’s cos of my height but I ALWAYS feel that I’m going to fall off. Those hair salons with the area where they’ll wash the hair? Where you’ll be propped in an angle where you’re lying down?

My feet does not touch the floor. I have to dangle my feet in mid air. And yes, it feels uncomfy.

8. Armpits.

In crowded areas, we’re faced with pits. Lots of pits. ARGH. And it’s too damn suffocating!

9. The bad jokes.

If I had a dollar for every ‘hey shorty’ joke I’ve heard, I wouldn’t have to work.

10. Wearing heels.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mind wearing heels but there are times I would prefer to wear flats. But I have some tall friends who give me grief for not wearing heels with them.



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