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Couple facial at Chrysalis Spa!

Another themed blog post! This is a Sundate – #nadskai at it’s best entry. For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

The c(hubby) and I are currently sponsored by Chrysalis Spa for facials and the sponsorship will be ending soon.

While i am totally not obliged to write, i’ve decided to share my thoughts of their facials so far.


I’m not sure if you guys know but I have dry skin and Skai aka c(hubby) has acne. We have been visiting Chrysalis monthly and honestly, we both have seen improvement in our skin! While Skai is still pimply, his condition has improved! It isn’t as bad as last time!

We usually visit Chrysalis Spa at the AMK Hub outlet on Sundays which is why I thought of using this for Sundate! HAHAHHA!



Thoroughly enjoyed our facial. Skai had the diamond peel facial while I had a nourishing facial with eye bojin for my cannot-make-it dark eye circles.

Feels like I have had dark eye circles for like forever! We will be going for a couple massage in a bit! Will update soon about it!

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