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Pregnancy Pet Peeves

This is a Monday’s Musings – Random thoughts, feelings and musings by Yours Truly entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here

I think most of my Monday’s Musings entries comes from real life experiences. When irked, amused, I think it makes good content for Monday’s boliaoness posts.

It’s been a while since I wrote a pet peeves piece or a Monday’s musings piece as I’ve been tired, busy chasing for our renovation shit stuff (gosh, that deserves a Monday’s musings piece by itself).

I’ve “accumulated” lots of irritating habits others have that I’ll like to share that fucking annoys me. So here’s my post on Pregnancy Pet Peeves!


How come you are so pro baby now?

I’m not. All along, I wasn’t ready for a kid. But I’m in this situation now, so I make the best out of it. What do you expect me to do? Mope all day that I’m preggers, not ask around for information and basically chuck the baby one side after I give birth?

Honestly I’m not ready for this and looking at other babies have not given me any motivations nor any ‘baby loving feels’.

Why you drink cold water / why you eat lamb etc?

Gosh guys. This is super annoying. I already kena from family and the last thing I need is from others. I got so pissed at a family lunch once that I refused to eat anything then and rather eat after that.


Gosh. JUST SAY IT ONCE. Don’t go on and on!

Why are you so big?

Seriously? It’s like asking why am I so fat? I don’t know lah! This is my first pregnancy, how would I know why I’m so big? Because I have a shorter torso and the baby doesn’t grow OVER my boobs or vagina?

You must be suffering from pregnancy brain.

I get this at work. I find it annoying when colleagues try to do things verbally (I’ve always told them to send an email as a black and white trail). If there is no email, it didn’t happen. It’s one thing for ME to blame it on my “pregnancy brain” but it’s annoying for others to push it to that WHEN they jolly well did not send an email.

Surprisingly, things like friends touching my belly totally doesn’t affect me at all, I think friends are even scared to touch my belly hahahaha. And honestly, pregnancy is fucking scary. I don’t understand how my body works and there are mysterious aches and pains and weird sensations each time.

Am hitting my third trimester next week. And there’s so much to do. I need to research on the types of things to buy (need a stroller, breast pump, steriliser, cot/playpen, confinement lady, jamu massage, A WHOLE LOT MORE STUFF gosh). Just want my house pronto so I can settle all these. -_-”

More updates on the pregnancy soon!

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Well, this is my Monday’s Musings entry. Sorry for the long wall of text! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this Pregnancy Pet Peeves ranting piece! Are there any other topics that you’ll like to hear from me? Do comment and I’ll muse about that ;)

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