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Trying out Nateen Baby Diapers


I was introduced to Nateen, a brand of diapers a few months ago by a mutual friend! Nateen is a Belgium Brand of diapers. They started its distribution in Europe and South America in 1990s and is distributed by Turbo-Med.

I was introduced to their baby range of products.


Blur pic but check out Aidan’s cheeky grin when he saw the items!


We tried the Nateen Baby Pull Up Pants in Size L. ($66 for a carton of 8 x 20’s)


And the Nateen Tape Diapers in Size L. ($44.80 for a carton of 2 x 64’s)


And the Nateen Baby Wet Wipes. ($33.60 for a carton of 12)

Personally I have tried quite a wide range of diapers for Aidan before, from the most affordable to the premium, we tried everything. Thankfully Aidan has not had any bad reactions to any diaper so far.


And what’s my take on Nateen?

Honestly it feels more premium that the current brand of diapers I’m using. It’s very soft with  breathable material and is comparable to the premium range of diapers. I like how that it has a colour wetness indicator (like some of the other brands do!) on the front so that with a quick glance, we’ll know if it’s time for a diaper change.

In the premium category of diapers, I feel that Nateen diapers is a little bit more affordable compared to the rest? I honestly see Nateen as an ‘unbranded’ premium diaper. There’s no ‘design’ nor brand endorsement (which could be why it’s more affordable?) and it’s simple and functional. And that’s enough for me. It’s ultra-soft, high absorbency, fast drying, works well and has no bells and whistles because that’s the way it is. Work like diaper, looks like a diaper. Not a fashion accessory.

For the wet wipes, I find that it’s more moist than most that I’ve used before which makes it really convenient as it helps with stubborn hard poo, dirty table, gross public baby chairs! I also like it comes with it’s own lid.


Thanks Nateen for sending these products for me to review! Nateen has also kindly offered a discount code for my readers should you wish to try their products.

Enjoy $10 off your first purchase with a minimum purchase of $100 order. Simply key the promo code NN10 on their website www.turbo-med.com.

Find out more about Nateen Baby Diapers and Wet Wipes here:
Website: www.turbo-med.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/absorbanateendiapers

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