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Our Family Photoshoot with Ashley Low Photography

As some of you guys may know, I love photoshoots! I really do. Especially now that Aidan is growing up fast, I am totally obsessed with documenting his growth (which is pretty evident from my numerous Instagram posts and milestones posts on my blog)

Previously I did a Maternity and Newborn shoot with Ashley Low Photography and LOVED the experience. Needless to say, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to go back to her!

I scheduled my Tummy to Tippy Toes shoot with Ashley Low Photography when Aidan was close to 11 months old. This was the time that he was crawling a lot and starting to stand (with support). He was also displaying lots of cheeky grins from time to time and I really wanted to capture that moment.

I discussed with Ashley on a few different concepts and I pretty much left it to her to suggest some themes to play with!

Our first theme was the Ah Boys to Men theme. Which was perfect for us, because Skai is a Regular Medium. hhahahah.


I love how Ashley makes Aidan laugh. She has toys and many gimmicks to coax funny expressions from him!


Aidan was happily playing with the props and got caught in the act fiddling with it!




The second theme was a nautical theme! We dressed Aidan in a bandanna and she had fun nautical, sailor props, a sand like carpet and even a little treasure trove! Aidan loved playing with the coins and kept throwing them everywhere!





My favourite theme would have to be the KTV theme! We dressed Aidan in jeans with suspenders. Ashley’s team even made a jukebox and found a mini microphone! Aidan had such a fun time playing with the props! Colours wise, it’s also the most vibrant!




The cutest theme would have to be the Farmhouse theme! Aidan loves stuffed toys and he kept grabbing those toys to bite!

And my personal favourite theme was the… FAMILY theme!







I absolutely love the family shoot! Ashley really nailed the expressions! Aside from the family tees, everything else was provided by Ashley!

For bookings and enquiries, email Ashley at: info@ashleylowphotography.com
Visit her website for more details! www.ashleylowphotography.com

Ashley had offered a $50 discount off the session fee for anyone who quotes Nadia/nadnut for packages this year! Promo ends 31st Dec 2017. Enjoy!

Background info about Ashley:

Ashley Low Photography (ALP) is a cosy and personable boutique set-up that provides creative and fun photos for your beautiful lasting memories for your newborns and babies. Ashley is a female photographer and the only Photographer in ALP who specialises in Newborn and Baby Photography, and they also provide photography services for pregnant mummies and families in Singapore. ALP has been around for over 4.5 years now!

If you like my photos, do check out Ashley Low Photography! It’s definitely a great experience working with her. All in all, I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions and actual photoshoot the most!

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