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The 10 Worst People To Travel With

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So… I was having lunch with the colleagues one day and we talked about the article The 10 Best People To Travel With and we were exchanging horror travel stories.

For every ‘good’ person to travel with, there is definitely the ‘bad’ equivalent. And thus, I thought of penning down this entry as my Monday’s Musings: The 10 Worst People To Travel With.

Total disclaimer: I’m not the best person to travel with. In fact, some of the points I’ll be mentioning about describes me perfectly. :p Go figure which one!

Here is my list of the 10 Worst People To Travel With. Does any of them sound familiar?

1. The Bochup.

The Bochup does not plan for his/her trips. Not to be confused with a person “YOLO”-ing their way through trips. Basically, the bochup does not obsess over details nor do not care about details. This bugs the majority of travellers who probably can’t imagine traveling without ANYTHING planned.

They usually just follow along whatever the group have planned and says ‘anything’ when it comes to asking for opinions.

‘Anything lor.’

2. The Scaredy-Cat

Miumiunotprada nadnut

This type is pretty afraid of doing things or trying anything new. Their favourite phrases? ‘Huh? Don’t want lah. Not safe leh!’

They probably have a point most of the times. (Probably saved their neck a couple of times too?) But because of such individuals, usually a group has to change their plans else someone in the group would probably feel bad about ‘pangseh-ing’ the scaredy cat.

3. The Control Freak


Such individuals can’t handle things out of their control or folks not following their itinerary. They’ve planned their trips perfectly and if things don’t go their way, they freak out. Badly.

They need medication pronto. Like chill pills.

4. The MIA


Ever traveled in a huge group and deciding to split up? You’ve probably talked about meeting at a specific place at a specific time. This person disappears and doesn’t turn up.

Instead of having their kidneys harvested or sold to a circus show, the MIA is probably shopping or back in the hotel room earlier. For some reason, phones hardly work with The MIA.

5. The Latecomers

It’s predictable how late some people can be. They are perpetually late and watches hardly work on such individuals. Best to always tell The Late Comer to meet 15-30 minutes earlier.

6. The Blogger


*coughs* The Blogger needs to take probably 100 pictures a day. They spend the longest time at meals because they’re trying to find a perfect angle to take pictures of their food.

If they are at a beautiful destination, traveling companions would probably have to take countless of #OOTDs (Outfit of the day) for The Bloggers.

The Bloggers travel best with their kinds.

7. The Princess

Princesses usually travel with their male servants who would carry everything for them and pander to their wishes.

If Princesses do not have their male servants around, they turn into 8. The Whiner.

8. The Whiner


The Whiner is one of the most irritating of them all. They whine about everything. About how cold it is, about how expensive things are, about how far they have to walk, about how heavy their bags are.

Everything. Most people whine but The Whiner whines ALL THE TIME. Best to wear earphones or headphones when out with The Whiner.

9. The Slow Coach

The Slow Coach usually appears during shopping trips. They have this constant need to examine every item in the shop before checking out the next shop. I personally encountered this before.

The best way is to split up and meet up after. Unless they are… 10. The Sticky.

10. The Sticky

They persist in following you everywhere. Like everywhere. They can’t seem to take a hint and even if you tell them you’ll need to run some errands, they’ll follow you. Just because.

Have you encountered any of the above? Or are there any others that you really can’t stand? (Like the Unhygienic?) Feel free to comment! I’ll love to hear from you!

Pictures (except for The Scaredy Cat and The Blogger) are all obtained online mainly from memegenerator 🙂

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Well, this is my Monday’s Musings entry. Sorry for the long wall of text! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this The 10 Worst People To Travel With musing piece! Are there any other topics that you’ll like to hear from me? Do comment and I’ll muse about that ;)

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