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The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

This is a Foodie Fridays – TGIF! It’s time to get fat on Fridays! entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about this Singapore Food themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

You’ve probably read websites and watched countless of videos talking about the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

Needless to say, I was curious too. As a lover of most things in Korea (I blame my BFF and Kingmeng for this!!!) and of spicy food, I was extremely game to try it out! The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge is basically a fiery type of instant noodle which looks like it’s coated in the blood of demons and provokes unnatural reactions for those who are daring enough to challenge the devil.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

I posted about it on both Facebook and Instagram and the reactions from friends and followers were amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.08.33 am

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.08.44 am

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.09.10 am

Apparently the cup noodles version was more popular and spicier?

As someone who eats a double mcspicy at a go without any laosai after effects, I decided to take up the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge!

But of course, one does not go down without dragging people. Misery loves company yo!

Yesterday, during lunch, along with 4 other colleagues, we decided to go for it.

Some of us were worried about our tummies, some was scared shitless, some of us came prepared with milk while I didn’t really think too much about it.

So the steps were such. Pour hot water ala cooking instant noodles style. Pour hot water away. Mix in sesame seeds and dunno what else nonsense inside. Last but not least, mix in the devil’s blood. Okay, that chilli oil evil thingy.

The moment i smelled it, i thought…. This was a very bad idea.

But it was too late.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

The not famous five of us gamely sat down with a cup of milk infront of us and the offensive smelling noodles.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

like in a race, we waited for the “Go!” before we ran for our lives. Or well, ate for our lives.


nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

I took a very undainty big bite and went on going. There were gasps around the table, slurping sounds and lots of tissue wiping but I assure you, it didn’t sound pleasant at all.

It felt spicy yes but it was fine. One of our runners Alexis, decided to give up after her tongue did the well, tongue version of a leg cramp.

The rest of us kept going. I slowly felt the fire burning. Lips were thingy. Tongue felt fuzzy. A warmness in the throat, i just kept going. If I could complete a freaking half marathon, I can freaking eat some spicy noodles!!! Kept shoving the offensive thing in my mouth.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

And I completed first! While waiting for the two guys to finish (Yuhui left a teeeny weeny bit), i slowly savoured the glory. At this point, I did not drink the milk at all.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

What did i feel? Hot. Like mad hot. But honestly, bearable. I felt it was actually quite nice! though if it had more liao like hot dogs, it would be damn shiokadoo.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

But like in the wise words of Katniss: Fire is burning.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

The worst part wasn’t eating it. It was AFTER eating it. It felt hot! I immediately downed my milk.

nadnut korean fire noodle challenge

My verdict? Yes, it was hot. But it wasn’t the excruating hot I thought it would be afrer watching the videos. I think us chilli lovers would find this delicious.

And for those who were asking, no, i didn’t laosai after that. But after lunch, when I burped, my eyes felt teary and stingy. It could be a coincidence perhaps.

I wanna do it again! Who wants in?! How was your experience? Would love to hear from you guys. Do comment here!

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