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Pregnancy Musings

As always, I try to record the various aspects of my life as nadnut.com is basically a journal, a diary of my life. As much as it has evolved into a lifestyle blog with reviews and advertorials, it is still very much me.

I’ve kept quiet about the pregnancy (except to close ones) because I didn’t want to open myself up to naggings, unneeded comments and kaypohness.

But before this pregnancy brain takes over, I thought to share some aspects of my pregnancy before, I forget. So here’s my first Pregnancy Musings piece!


I couldn’t tell that I was pregnant.

I had no symptoms whatsoever about being preggers, except for well being late with my period. I was still complaining about bad cramps. I was having very very very painful and bad cramps and I was still whining about it back then to a colleague and my BFF who were both having cramps that time.

And then I was late. I attributed it to being stressed. During my wedding, I was even 3 weeks late, so I thought nothing about it.

But I was wrong this time.

I went to the nearest gynae.

I was late, I decided to take a test. I was shocked, I took another test. It couldn’t be. I googled ‘gynaes in the east.’ Visited the gynae, it was affirmative. And he became my gynae. Jeng jeng.


I was diagnosed with cervical polyps.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cervical polyps. We don’t know if the polyps was already there from the beginning or if it only appeared due to the extra serving of estrogen during my pregnancy. Most people have 1 or 2. I have 3 large ones.

I have seen it protruding once and it is fucking scary. I also tend to bleed due to the polyps. Really need to monitor if any bleeding is cos of polyps or anything else. At first, I wanted to remove the polyps but for now, as it is rather big, we decided to put that decision on hold.

I didn’t puke because of my morning sickness.

I felt nausea which I combatted it with sour sweets and sour plums. Thankfully I didn’t retch like some of the other poor mamas I knew.


I puked because of my migraines.

I had very severe migraines a few times and that caused me to puke. Thankfully it didn’t happen much because it was very unbearable.

Boobs grew way too fast.

Outgrew my bras in the first trimester. It was quite shocking how they grew so fast. Way faster than the tummy then. Now the tummy overrides everything.

I slept a lot during my first trimester.

I was practically exhausted every single day. I would fall asleep at 8 or 9pm which was pretty unheard of, for me. I usually maintain a 2am/3am bedtime.

I used to fall asleep all the time in Skai’s car. Like even for a short distance. He even waited for an hour once for me to wake up. Poor dude.


I had a growth spurt after my first trimester.

I could still hide my pregnancy from my colleagues that I see on a day to day basis back then. But one day, I suddenly ballooned and voila. The tummy was there.

Funnily enough, there were some colleagues who didn’t notice till last week. LOL.


I have very few cravings.

Before pregnancy, I was the greediest person ever. I would have crazy cravings and would bug friends and Skai to go makan. Noteworthy cravings were chicken porridge (during my first trimester). Mainly I wanted carbs, any form of it.

Skai have it easy, because of the lack of cravings, I didn’t get to tekan him. Tsk. I miss sashimi though. This is why I have the sadness doll here. Evurl Skai ate sushi infront of me!


My gut feel was that I was expecting a boy. 

And I was right. I kinda knew all along I was baking a hotdog bun. And when we saw the kukujiao during the ultrasound, we weren’t surprised.


I can’t stomach the taste of milk.

So instead I started drinking flavoured milk and those milk meant for mothers during pregnancy. Only really started during my second trimester. I started drinking Enfamama and a friend just passed me Frisomum.

Weird things were happening to my body.

Rashes on the body. Pimples on the face. (I hardly get pimples). Pimples on my ass. (WHY?!). Skin tags on places I shall not mention. There are so many.

I basically can’t tolerate any nagging or nonsense remarks about pantangs.

All along, I’m not the pantang sort much. Unless it isn’t medically proven, I basically would not listen. Funny how the comments come from people whom I’m not close to. It’s annoying. Gosh, it’s bad enough to hear all of these from family, I don’t need nagging from others.

Okay, this entry is way too long. LOL. I will share more updates soon! Stay tuned! And yes, with evolution, this lifestyle blog is gonna turn into a parenting blog. :O

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Well, this is my first Pregnancy’s Musings entry. More will come soon!

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