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My maternity shoot with Ashley Low Photography

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As some of you guys may know, I really love documenting my experiences in pictures and of course by blogging!

From my pre wedding shoot to wedding planning to weight loss to my Europe honeymoon and the lovely Maldives experience, I always make a point to take as many pictures as possible so as to be able to look back fondly at the experience.

Needless to say, this also applies for my pregnancy. I haven’t been as religious as other mothers by taking progress pictures but I try as much to take pictures and videos.

From the end of the first trimester, I was discussing with Skai aka c(hubby) about having a maternity shoot to capture the bump pictures alongside the adorable newborn pictures.

Maternity shoots are a great way to not only appreciate the beauty of the bump, the pregnancy in the last few stages and also for both husband and wife to take pictures together! Personally I actually took some pictures in my new home but of course the pictures captured are just of myself and aren’t professionally taken. Thus I decided to engage Ashley Low of Ashley Low Photography to help these precious moments of Skai and I.

To be honest, I wouldn’t feel as comfy with a male photographer (unless it’s my hubby :p) taking pictures of me in erm, various stages of undress so I was pleased to have found Ashley.

Before the photoshoot


Ashley sent a list of things for me to prepare. From when I should photograph my bump to outfits to items provided, the guidelines are really in-depth! Discussed with Skai and I picked some simple outfits for him. For myself, as I have already seen some of Ashley’s maternity pictures and really liked the draped clothes, I only brought my own casual wear.

You can always bring your own gowns, lingeries if you like. However Ashley Low’s studio is well provided with ample fabrics, maternity gowns, outfits and props.

First impressions of Ashley’s studios




It was easy to find Ashley’s studio. Upon reaching her studio, Ashley greeted us warmly with a drink. Both Skai and I had a good discussion with her. First, Ashley shared about the types of work that she does alongside the variety of outfits and props available.

I noticed that she was very attentive and made sure to discuss and check with us on our preferred style and outfits. After hearing our thoughts, she shared her recommendations.

Honestly, maternity shoot is mainly about the mother. But Ashley made Skai involved by getting him to draw and write personalised messages on the chalkboard provided. We decided on using Aidan’s unofficial hashtag #nadskaijunior (since we’ve been referring to him as that) alongside a drawing of a monkey since he’ll be born in the year of the monkey!

To be honest, I didn’t bring much outfits as I wanted to use the outfits, fabrics and props mainly by Ashley. And we did!


I only mainly used my own shirt for the casual portion. Posed with the cute name blocks provided by Ashley here!

We decided on 3 backdrops: White, Black and Blue!

During the photoshoot




Ashley helped with outfit adjustments, making sure I wasn’t exposed in any way. She is also very comfortable to work with as she was very soothing and constantly checked if I was uncomfortable in any way.




Both Skai and I felt really comfortable with Ashley. We really enjoyed working with her so much that we’ll be working with her for Aidan’s newborn shoot!

After the photoshoot

Ashley debriefed us about the whole process. After the photoshoot, couples would head back to meet Ashley after two weeks for a viewing session to shortlist their photos and to let Ashley know if there are any specific editing requests to be done.

She also checked with us on any feedback about the photoshoot, which I really liked!

Here are some of the photos taken by Ashley Low Photography!


A huge present is coming our way soon!


It’s a boy! Presenting #nadskaijunior!


And he’s called Aidan!



I’ve always had a thing for red. 😉



Am so glad that Ashley suggested using the tutu here. We had lots of fun for this series especially!


Felt that I was wearing a wedding gown again! Well, I’ll be making a huge commitment to the next most important man in my life!


Last but definitely not least, we played with silhouettes here. One of my favourite pics!

Ashley has also kindly extended a discount for www.nadnut.com readers!

Simply quote ‘Nadia’ upon booking to enjoy $50 discount on all ala-carte session fees! Discount is available till 31st December 2016.

For bookings and enquiries, email Ashley at: info@ashleylowphotography.com
Visit her website for more details! www.ashleylowphotography.com

Background info about Ashley:

Ashley Low Photography (ALP) is a cosy and personable boutique set-up that provides creative and fun photos for your beautiful lasting memories for your newborns and babies. Ashley is a female photographer and the only Photographer in ALP who specialises in Newborn and Baby Photography, and they also provide photography services for pregnant mummies and families in Singapore. ALP has been around for over 4.5 years now!

If you like my photos, do check out Ashley Low Photography! It’s definitely a great experience working with her. All in all, I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions and actual photoshoot the most! She really made me feel at ease, which is very important for a maternity photoshoot!

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