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Of sad stories and frivolous posts.

A long time ago…. I used to write sad depressed stories. Fictional of course. But truth to be told, they were always inspired by channelling some raw pain i felt.

Instead of expressing that hurt in many ways, such as physically cutting myself (it’s an example, i will never do it. Take a chill pill!), i express it in words.

When i got happier, the ability to craft these sad tales seem to disappear. It seems that i really need to hurt to be able to write.

What happens is that i usually start with a line. A line i can’t forget. Something that eats at me that i’ll craft a whole story around it.

Today, i suddenly thought of a line “the heart that was never there”. I feel inspired to write a sad melancholic / depressed tale inspired by that line but the ink runs dry.

Does this happen to any of you?

I am happier beyond belief now. But yet i’m sad to have lost that ability to express raw pain through my words.

Ah well, frivolous photologs and silly words, shall we?

Some stories i wrote last time. Nothing good, but they were just inspired from the pain i felt.

– Her silent cries
– The colour red
– The need yo please
– Questions with no answers
– The pain
– Nothing would be the same anymore
– She never woke up again
– A little magic
– He never came back
– The pain
– A bitter facade
– Building walls
– The stench
– Lost
– Love, lost
– Pieces of a broken heart
– And so.. They parted
– Happiness
– Recurring dreams
– Tears behind her smile
– Her fragile heart
– Sensation of being watched
– Danger beneath happiness
– Be careful of what you wish for
– I’ll bleed just to know that i’m alive
– The mask
– Her collection of masks
– Eugene
– The road
– Despair beyond hops
– Loved and lost
– It was her birthday that day. Nothing could go wrong
– I’ll be with you, David.

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