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CNY celebrations

Now that I’ve gotten the wedding entries out of the way, it’s time to finally catch up on my backlogs!

I didn’t even realise that I have yet to blog about CNY + my birthday! But I guess that’s understandable as it was less than a month before #nadskai1314!

#nadskai’s CNY outfit for day 1!

Some background info: I hardly celebrated CNY previously till I met c(hubby). Back then with the ex-ex, I only visited their families but with c(hubby), I have to tag along to visit their relatives. So the concept of buying all new clothes only kicked in when #nadskai happened. LOL. For us, for CNY, we try to go as matching as possible. E.g. Pink-red combo as you can see here. I actually had another outfit but we didn’t go visiting on that day, so we didn’t use that. Blue-Green combo for that.

I love the colour red and I thought it was most apt for CNY but it turned out that we were the most “huatiful” dressed couple! Do you guys wear red for CNY? Or do you find it too ching chong? Do share your comments! It is most puzzling for me!

This CNY was different for us as the Sims family welcomed their first grandkiddo! Baby Kayla! C(hubby) is now an uncle! Though he insists he shouldn’t be called an uncle. Uh huh.

A pic with his cute niece who doesn’t mind camwhoring with this strangle auntie.

The cousins and their women.

The next day, we celebrated his cousin Yang’s birthday at Red Dot located at Dempsey! Nice place to chillax. Weird green beer though. I don’t drink beer but the boys seemed to like it.

Casual CNY outfit! LUCKY top from Cotton On. HUAT again! Curled my hair this time!

C(hubby) wearing the goldfish tee I bought for him from Uniqlo!

Best part about CNY?

My new gold coin ‘Y U NO FOLD?!’. Not very appropriate for Ban Luck but what the heck. This year, I seemed to have lots of ban lucks but yet I hardly win. BOOOO!

This year, we also celebrated at Heng heng casino. LOL! It’s actually Yulian’s place but we called it Heng heng casino as her hubby’s surname is Heng.

She has the most adorable Maltese called Nacho which is not only so well behaved but extremely cute!

Can’t help but to manhandle Nacho!

This woman Yulian always order/cook a lot of food! How not to gain weight with her?! <3 But it’s such an amazing feast! Thanks for the great hospitality babe!

She also bullied poor Nacho in a cute bumblebee outfit for us to take pics. :p

I bugged Yulian to make her famous chocolate lava cakes as it was near my birthday then. Birthday girl wants her birthday cake! She experimented by using peanut butter and it was AMAZING BALLS! This woman, HAS to start taking in orders man.

I will be blogging about the birthday celebrations soon! Do keep reading!

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