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20 Facts About nadnut.

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I’ve been tagged by sooooo many people on Instagram that I decided that this deserves a blog post of it’s own!

Here are 20 Facts About nadnut!

Angsana Bintan by nadnut

1. I don’t drink coffee or any variation of it. Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, none. I find them all bitter  and I don’t like bitter stuff.

2. I used to be a tomboy. Unlike the girly girly girl I am now. Seriously! Laoniang climbed Mount Ophir AND Mount Kinabalu in my teens. I was also in NPCC, had a 1 star in Canoe and went for Outward Bound Sabah’s Leadership Challenge Course! I did rock climbing, inline skating, jungle trekking in the past.

3. I have asthma. It’s been a while since I had an attack but I have learnt to pace myself and not push myself too much. That being said, sprinting is a no-no for me. I’ve learnt to take long and slow leisurely jogs instead.

4. Some may know this. I’m mixed. I am half malay and half chinese. But I do not practice Islam. Religion is a choice right?

5. I am extremely active, jittery and energetic. Well, I’ve mellowed throughout the years but I’m still considered quite energetic. Take a chill pill? Not for me.

6. I met my husband in a club. To be exact, in Boiler Room at St James. We met thru a friend though! Who says you can’t find love in a hopeless place?

7. I am extremely emotional. Reading stuff on Facebook can get me tearing. Needless to say, sad books and movies can get me bawling like a baby.

8. I put on weight easily. Like seriously. After the wedding, hello fatty bom bom! My collar bones are not prominent anymore!

9. I find life suffocating at times. I ask myself this at least quarterly. Is this the life we’re meant to live? Work, work, work, work, work, weekends. Rinse and repeat. I used to write depressing notes and stories on my blog as a way to convey my unhappiness.

10. I like cheap chocolates. Like Ferrero Rocher or Kinder Bueno. I am easily satisfied.

11. I love anything rainbow-fied! Colours amazes me.

12. I am bow legged. Born that way. Self conscious about my legs cos of this condition but learnt to live with it.

13. Apparently I’m reckless. In driving a car, in go-kart, ATV and Jet ski. Meh.

14. I get bored really fast. It takes a lot to keep my attention on something. That being said, I do not get bored of certain food. E.g. Shiok Maki.

15. Although I have spent like almost 4.5 years in a gaming company, I won’t consider myself a gamer. I hardly play PC games but I am hopeless addicted to mobile games. In my ex colleague’s words, I am apparently the most hardcore casual gamer.

16. I am an only child. And I like it that way. I have cats for most of my life and I never felt lonely.

17. I love peanut butter and nutella. I can guzzle on them nonstop.

18. I used to hate clams when I was younger but now I really love eating them.

19. I do not like innards. Like heart, lung, liver. It’s not that I tried them before, it’s the thought of them that disgusts me. Like, makes me wanna puke kind.

20. If money isn’t a concern (and well, if CPF isn’t too), I would want to write, travel and live a life of leisure. Tai tai lah. :p

I tag Esther, Fidelis and Jacelyn to share their fun facts about themselves!

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