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Breathing new life in old clothes! – Boyfriend’s shirt into a Dress!

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I’ve seen many posts about reusing boyfriend’s clothes, coverting boyfriend’s shirt into a dress and whatnots. I think it’s a hell of a great idea! I get to enlarge my wardrobe by simply diving into my husband’s  wardrobe!

During our honeymoon in Europe, I started by koping the hubby’s flannel shirt and wearing it!

Here’s the original outfit. Sorry there isn’t a full length picture cos he isn’t into the Outfit of the Day shots. Sometimes he’ll take it if I prod him to do so but most of the times he’s taking my OOTDs instead. :p


It’s a simple thick flannel shirt from Cotton On (if I’m correct) which was warm enough for the chilly weather.

IMG_0567I borrowed it a few days later, wore it with shorts and stockings (with little hearts on them!), with a black belt and folded up my sleeves! Tadah! New dress!

What do you think? I’m gonna start using Skai’s clothes from now on!

Tips on Tuesdays : “Steal” your partner’s clothes and jazz it up into yours! I’m gonna try out more variations soon! Have you tried anything like this before? Do comment in this entry! I’ll love to see your outfits!

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