i woke up this morning with one of my typical migraines…

was cursing and swearing sulky and thinking of grabbing an mc and rest and spewing vulgarities grumbling cause i so needed a red bull this morning.

then i realised.

i could drink red bull today!


*attempts cartwheels and fails miserably*

wahhahaa. so i bought some ice and decided to open the can of red bull on my table (who was mocking me the whole 1 fucking effing long month)

but but but…

it tastes different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why ah? like no kick liaoz!!!!!!!! i dont taste the caffeine!



anyway 2 old barflies been nagging me not to overdose myself with red bull once the challenge is over and to moderate myself.

macam i will drink 10 cans of red bull today lor. perhaps 5 lah

grrrrr. today is rather a special day.

today is the day:

– the ciggy guy’s birthday! (the one i took the challenge with) tmd. kena conned. not his birthday.
– the end of the tortureous challenge
– cow’s back from thailand!!!!


Happy Birthday to Samurai Stick Steak! Welcome back cow!

aside from that, i nearly kena conned by a certain barfly. as some people know, im rather anal particular in telling people where i work. and somebody BEGGED me to give him a wakeup call at 9am.

so i did.

and he asked me why i never call him from my office phone. tmd. wanna trace back right?!?!?!

stupid YounG. grrrr.


was interupted by a firedrill at emco. i was contemplating in closing the office door and continue blogging.

but i dragged myself down.

wah rao ehz. juz like secondary school. stood in the parade square and mark attendance and had some small speech.

but ah.

very exaggerated leh.

there were firetrucks. civil defence actually came down. the firemen were scaling the walls with their hoses (is that the term for it?).

hahhaa. one actually tripped over his hose. =X

wat was going thru my mind?

*shit shucks. dun tell me really fire. my ipod and my wallet upstairs leh*

but it was just a drill. a very exaggerated one.


next time, im closing the door.

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