Friends Pictures

its officially september 26th!

which means my red bull challenge is over!

i can drink red bull!!! i’ll have red bull for breakfast tomorrow =D

it has been a fruitful day. went to jenny’s place (it has been close to a year since i went to her place and it brings back memories of the last time i went there. walking in the rain with someone then…) to learn the art of making earrings. it was tough at first but i managed it!

my first pair. designed and made by yours truly. hahaha. small step la. i know quite simple. hahaha.

pics from our ‘earrings workshop’..

after that went to have steak (yes again! =P) with umb. romantic dinner cause kena flew aeroplane. lol. it was nice. but then having steak is always nice. lol!

here are belated pics from past activities!

sel’s bdae!

lantern festival!

and ladies night!

there u go. stop complaining i never update about outings or posting the pictures!!! you know who you are! grrrrrrr.

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