Yours truly...

happiness is a state of mind.

I used to be very emo and negative about my life but I learnt to move on. I think in my past few years of my life, I have improved drastically in this aspect.

What’s my secret? (Why do I sound like some slimming commercial sia?!?!)

By remembering this mantra: happiness is a state of mind.

Whatever you do, whatever feelings you feel is purely dependant on you. Yes, some inconsiderate significant others/backstabbing friends or colleagues/naggy parentals may have done something to make you feel bad but why let these actions affect your whole day?

For me, I channel these feelings to either anger or bochupness. Anger is easy because I’ll rant it out either to some poor listening ears, or my twitter or my blog and I’ll feel much better. or I’ll learnt to really not give a damn (especially if it happens often e.g. Naggy parents etc etc).

I won’t let it spoil my whole day. I just find it silly to let one action affect my whole day.

But that’s me personally. How about you? What’s your take on this?


  1. Agreed. I tend to express how i feel on my blog or at the very least, tell someone (no matter how embarrassed or happy or sad i am). xD

    That way, i release the pent-up feelings in me and feel freer. ^^


  2. Mmm hmm!

    Life is too short to mope around too much.
    Once in a while is alright, only when it really saddens you. But getting gloomy and emo for everything?
    Not only will it affect the people around you, it affects you the most.
    Love yourself. Live life <3


  3. so true. In the past, i will blogged about my unhappiness. But now I try not to. Because whenever i read it again, it reminds me again on those unhappy occasions(u name it up there at ur blog, i got it as well)

    Hence, i change and try to blog my happiness instead. Counting every single happy entry. =) Just my 2-cents to share with you.


  4. i used to dwell in my emo state until i forget about it…but now i’ve learnt to channel those negative feelings out on my private blog or yes..poor listening ears out

    guess it’ll only make those people who hurt you happier if you continue to sob over it…so be strong and be happy to diss them back ! hur