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this blog is about mr kenny chan. do not read if not interested.

you have been warned.

sometimes i dunno if i should strangle him…

for example. a typical day out with him…

on friday, we arranged to watch magadascar at de 2am show.

he picked me up close to midnight. and brings me to play pool. which i have been going on and on about wanting to learn pool.

nice guys teaches me pool though i am such a klutz at it. yes, ego was badly damaged that night.


he scores brownie points for teaching me and sorta surprising me.

then we drove off (actually he lah) to GV Grand which he said he booked the tickets.

there i nearly got thrown/carried/pushed into the boy’s toilet by SOMEBODY.

brownie points taken away immediately.

we happily reached the counter and wanted to collect the tickets when we realised… the movie wasnt at GV grand.


he had booked at GV plaza!

points are getting deducted further now.

rushed to PS in 5 mins. (one point there)

and caught the movie which he didnt want to but however for my sake. anyway movie was great and he was laughing his head off lor… (a few more points added) oh. did i mention he lost his car @ GV Grand. (points deducted)


– picks and sends me back when he has the car
– great company that never fails to make me laugh
– always there
– willing to go out at most timings
– spontaneous
– willing to accomodate me on movies/food etc
– has great taste in food. great makan kaki
– willing to go shopping with me
– willing to teach me new stuff
– always supportive
– always rational
– got me tickets to the zoo!

– tries to push me in the boy’s toilet
– purposely jerks the car when he KNOWS i have travel sickness
– loses his car @ changi airport
– loses his car @ suntec city
– loses his car @ lido
– loses his car @ marina
– loses his car and blames on me for not taking note where his car is
– harzardous to my health. spreads sicknesses to me
– because he has great taste in food, im getting fatter.
– bites me
– nags at my spending habits
– his lameness
– says im fat
– cant ask him though provoking questions (e.g. wat colour suits me?) at night. -_-“
– doesnt believe that i wrote the story abt david. BLEAH.

more to be added.

hahaa. he’ll kill me when he reads tis. if he reads tis that is. hahaaha. i conclude : i wanna strangle and yet keep tis funny friend of mine. lol.

i need to get a car finder key for him man. somebody’s birthday is coming! lalalala…

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