iWant a Motorola Q9H!

I bet many of you guys have this cute adorable bunny as one of your emoticons. Infact I myself, have many of his silly actions, the barflies too love him and my colleagues adore him to bits.

Imagine my surprise when i saw this..


Thrill me:

like us, the cute tuzki is addicted to msn! infact for myself, i’ve been debating over getting a smartphone for ages! imagine the possibilities! i’ll be able to msn ANYTIME! blog ANYTIME, email ANYTIME, surf whenever, whatever plus the fact that there is full QWERTY keyboard!!! *pure bliss*

and this cute Tuzki has done it! brrr. even a bunny has the Q, canihasamotorolaQtoo?

I’ll be like this without the Q!

Work me:

I love the fact that with the Q i’ll be able to access emails anytime. As you guys know, i’m a travelholic. I LOVE to travel, be it nearby places, anywhere, i just love to get out and have some fun. The only thing that used to worry me was work then. I would head to cybercafes and access my company’s emails then. With a Q, i’ll be able to do that anytime! *droools*. And i love the fact that the Q allows one to access Microsoft Documents and view PDFs too!

Blog me:

Aside from work matters, for a blogholic like me, I’ll be able to blog anywhere and anytime! Imagine, when i can even have live updates, be it pics or videos. Interesting!

Not only is the Q is a smartphone, it looks good too. Brains and Beauty! lol.

Check out more information on their website!

Give me:

Eh, my birthday coming leh. I want a Q!!!!!!!! especially since my previous phone is giving me a lot of headaches! The stupid cellphone company is driving me nuts too! I wonder if there’s any wireless plans. Give me cheap cell phone plans!



  1. omfg I KNOW!!

    i just saw this nuffnang ad on ruok’s blog and i spent the whole morning dl-ing the wallpaper and crap. haha

    now my office pc wallpaper is this wabbit. -_______________-”

    hehe. i also want!
    i loveeeeee motorola!