i <3 princess hours


i am totally addicted to this show. been watching it every night till the wee hours of the morning. been watching the show on youtube. can you imagine downloading episode by episode? and each episode is broken down into 7 parts?

argh. am going crazy. anyone has the vcd/dvd with english subtitles?

yul is so romantic! stupid tiger. never do romantic things for me. *ptooooi!*

10 thoughts on “i <3 princess hours”

  1. Know what?
    It’s PERFECTLY fine that you watch it till the wee hours…
    I done that too…
    Last few days have been watching Love Story in Harvard…
    As good as Goong if not better.


  2. Goong is nice nice!

    trust me i know way too many people who watch it till they realise they have just nough time to get ready for work! its damneasy to get hooked on such stuff! =)


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