is it christmas?

i think it is. cause i got presents today!!! hahahaa.

got a stuffed cow from cowgoesmoo (go figure). lol. he must have figured that i love cows so much (toys, real and cooked) that he bought me one from thailand. with a real cowbell he bought from a village shop! soooooooooooo cute!

and the main present is here. wahhaha. coz i kinda asked him to buy for me a few bottles but didnt expect him to buy 10 bottles!!!!!

its heavy duty thailand red bull.

the ones u drink in singapore is NOTHING compared to thailand ones. back in july, when i went phuket, my tourguide once mentioned no one could take 3 red bulls (thailand version of course) at a go. hahaha. heh. i tried 2 tat time and it was shiok. high w/o alcohol. didnt dare to go for a third one.

unfortunately, i was made to promise (from uncle duckie) that i wont drink more than a can/bottle of red bull a day UNLESS im clubbing or pubbing. no more vodka coke or vodka ribena nonsense. vodka red bull from now on. wah. kena stress by 3 barflies now. grrrr. *grumbles*

presenting the grand prize!

damn shiok! gonna savour me red bull slowly. unfortunately not today. quota used up liaoz. bleah.

so happy! thank you cow!!!

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