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StarAsia has kindly sent over some products over for me to review and to give away! 2 items from Me!Bath are up for grabs! (Me!Bath products are available at Sephora btw.)

I tried out these 2 products from Me!Bath.

The first being the Strawberry Kiwi Bath Icecream (SGD10).

I have tried using bubble baths and bath sachets before but this was my first time with an effervescent bath soak.

The bath icecream comprises of minerals and fragrant aromatic oils that will hydrate, moisturise and enrich one’s skin.

Honestly, I feel that the bath icecream isn’t worth paying 10 bucks for one soak. But if you have money to spare, why not?

Because of the aromatic oils component, the feeling I got after my bath was “not clean” due to the moisturised feeling. Personally, I don’t really like it, I prefer a fresh squeaky clean feeling after my bath.

And the second being the Lavender Lullaby Shower Sherbet (SGD35).

One thing I love about the Shower Sherbet is its lovely packaging. It really looks like a tub of icecream eh?

I really liked the texture of the Shower Sherbet. It’s basically a  sugar-based body scrub but it wasn’t too coarse that it’ll hurt your skin when you’re exfoliating with it. It is rich in Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and it is made for daily use to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise all in one.

The scent is also very pleasant, I really liked the lavender scent, very soothing, great to destress! Thumbs up for me!

Interested in the products that I have just tried? StarAsia and will be giving away one bath icecream and one shower sherbet!

Here’s how!

All you have to do is comment here on why you’ll like to win these products. The most humorous comment (in my opinion) will win! Please indicate which product you’re interested in.

Please comment by 21st August 2359! Thanks!


  1. If not for the sake of it looking like an ice cream, I wouldn’t even buy it. And… a lot of people bo bath tub one how? Put in pail cannot soak the body in it = defeat purpose right?

    That is why you have to give it to me. Because I have a bath tub that I can nua in. After I’ve finished nuaing liao hor I can put momo in it, don’t waste the minerals ma use gao gao. $10 dollars leh WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  2. I don’t have a bathtub so i don’t want the ice cream one :/

    But I love lavender its smell~ Though i usually drink it as tea, and watch it as a Taiwan serial, it should be interesting to say the least to play with it… while getting clean at the same time~

    (That is, if i don’t fall asleep while showering)


  3. Strawberry kiwi bath is red,
    Lavender Shower Sherbet is purple,
    Nadia is sweet,
    So she should give me the lavender shower sherbet!


  4. Boyfriend: Baby, what’s taking you so long?

    Me: I’m enjoying my ice-cream. Don’t rush me.

    Boyfriend: What flavour is it?

    Me: Uhmm.. Strawberry & kiwi.

    Boyfriend: Is it any good?

    Me: Uh huh… Hmmm…

    Boyfriend: Can I… Have some?

    Me: Nu-uh. Not gonna happen baby.

    Boyfriend: Pretty please…

    *Boyfriend runs into the kitchen, grabs a spoon and heads into the room to try his luck.

    Me: BABY!!!

    Boyfriend: *Gasps* I thought you were having ice-cream?!!

    Me: I didn’t say I was eating it!

    Boyfriend: Err… but can I still share? *cheeky grin*

    Me: As much as I love you baby, there are some things that I just won’t share 🙂


  5. can i have the sherbet please….

    Love is a feeling
    Give it when I want it
    ‘Cause I’m on fire
    Quench my desire
    Give it when I want it
    Talk to me, woman
    Give in to me
    Give in to me


  6. I’m a sucker for all things silly and cute and these fit right into the criteria. Though the boy would probably shake his head at me again haha.


  7. I WANNA HAVE THE STRAWBERRY KIWI BATH ICE CREAM so that I can make the skinny girls out there jealous when they indulge in their icecream and I indulge in MY SUPERBBBBB ONE IN A MILLION KINDA ICECREAM. YAY!! Go me, go fats!!! 😀