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xmas eve…

spent xmas eve with some of the bsc peeps… as thebeanmaster was busy cockbanging, he couldnt join us. as usual good clean fun @ pitstopcafe. kimoki was very nice to let us try some new up and coming snacks. thanks! 🙂

camwhoring at pitstop after all the games. lol

jen jen + nadnut

taken with 2 diff cameras. ben is acting cute! like wtf?!

ahahaa ben’s gf, jenny did this. muahahahhaa!

act cute ben part 2!

chong ah and nadnut playing with santa hats. lol

the lovely couple. 6 yrs and counting leh! so sweet that u’ll get diabetes knowing them. muahahaa.

camwhoring nad

wah! how come rach’s santa hat can stand so tall! i want!

hahaaa. rach making sure the hat stands tall.

SUCCESS! i look like shit though.

silly colin. lol! yes, thats the colin chong in the song 😉

group pic!

after pitstopcafe, rach, colin and i headed to town for a while…

pretty tree outside of paragon. 🙂

argh i feel so fat (and short) beside slim rach chong!

we then headed to bedok 85 for a late dinner. the dinner was quite disappointing. the stingray from lovely SUCKS!

substandard carrot cake.

not bad chicken wings.

BAD BAD BAD stingray from lovely.

should have ordered from chan bbq instead. the stingray was too small considering we ordered a $10 bucks one. the sambal was pathetic, watery and it didnt ‘stick’. the meat was weird tasting. not fresh! i asked for chincalok (don’t know if i spelled it correctly) w/o chilli and they served with chilli. when i pointed out that it had chilli inside, the lady rebutted that its that way.

hello. i eat chincalok all the time wor. tmd. and i ordered from them b4 w/o chilli. kns. considering the number of times i have eaten at lovely, this is the first time i have had such a disappointing experience. and it was a different lady this time.

colin: its a diff fat lady this time. maybe the family went on holiday or what.
nadnut: tmd, i want real chincalok!
colin: aiyoh, the meat taste funny.
rachc: *grimace*
nadnut: eeeee. the chilli is soooo oily. i taste oil only.
colin: hahahaa seems like we’re complaining a lot.
nadnut: of course! it sucks!

next time if i see the same lady, im gonna walk straight to chan bbq instead. bah. baddddd experience!

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