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My first dive trip!

I’ve been meaning to take up diving after hearing Ching Chong Boy talk about it. When I found out that Fidel and also wanted to sign up, we pretty much decided there and then to do it within a few weeks.

Come to think about it, we kinda signed up impulsively.

Fidel did some research and found The Dive Company (this is not an advertorial btw.) the best, thus we decided to go with it!

We signed up for the Padi Open Water Tioman trip which consisted of 2 pool sessions, 2 theory lessons and the dive trip itself in Tioman!

Silly pics before heading to Outram Secondary School for our practice dive sessions. Please ignore the makeupless pics of meh.

The pool sessions were where we learnt how to assemble our gear, proper breathing techniques etc.

We also had theory lessons at the school and an exam too!

The Dive Company had two beautiful kitties. Had such a fun time playing with them!

The course was a 3D2N trip. We left at 7pm from The Dive Company and headed off to Tioman. The trip there took like forever.

Us on our way to Tioman

By the time we reached Tioman, it was wee hours in the morning.

We didn’t take any pictures underwater. The instructor took some but… haven’t heard from her, so no pictures i guess?

Here are some pictures in Tioman!

We had like 5 dives altogether?

I kinda freaked out during my first dive. *sheepish*. My mask kept getting water in and I had such a hard time then clearing water. We were supposed to clear the mask by breathing out hard from our nose. For some reason, I couldn’t remember to breathe out AND breathe in! Kinda panic for a few seconds, I think it’s because I was just overwhelmed by everything.

Luckily I told myself to “Don’t fucking panic Nadia. Use your brain!” and I stopped panicking and everything went well after that.


Poor Fidelis and another dive mate CJ, who we hung out with during the trip suffered from seasickness. I usually suffer from seasickness, so I could really understand how they felt! I think I was fine cause I kept eating Sour Candy during the boatride. Phew!

(pls pardon the makeupless face)

Food was so-so honestly but we were mad famished after 3 dives! So we really pigged out. There were so many stray kitties there! I fed most of them! Poor kitties, all so skinny 🙁

Beautiful sunset and fun peeps. We had actually intended to chill out and have a drink (nothing more because drinking isn’t good especially when you’re diving!) but we were all so exhausted. I think we retired at 8pm?!

It ended way too soon. And we are all certified open water divers! Can’t wait for our cards! It’s been two months… wonder what happened to them? 🙁

Fidel and I are planning to do some leisure dives before our Advanced Open Water Course soon! It’s really fun! You guys should try it! Check out Fidel’s post about the trip here!

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try my very best to answer!

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  1. hey i took my open water at the same resort! did you try the prata nearby? the prata bomb and banana prate are realllly good.


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