Would You Rather? – Ugly vs Pretty

Muahahhahaaa. No naughty questions for this week!

Would you rather be?

1) Ugly but Smart


2) Pretty/handsome but dumb?

Choose! And explain why!

11 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Ugly vs Pretty”

  1. Whoa. I think it does not really matter if you are ugly, pretty, dumb, smart or whatever. What matter is, you’re confident with yourself.

    We are god’s creation unless you’re Dawn Yang. hehe


  2. pretty but dumb. 😛 because people wouldn’t mind you dumb when you are pretty. and sometimes we can “act smart” ain’t it 😛


  3. Ugly but Smart!

    Then i should use my intelligence to earn tons of $ & go for a complete plastic surgery! To make myself pretty & smart … hahaha cos i dun wanna be a dumb blonde !! That makes a complete Bimbo eh…


  4. Ugly but Smart.

    Since I am smart, I can probably trick all the handsome guys into bed! And best of all, I can climb to the top of the corporate ladder and trash those men who thinks that girls are mush!



  5. Fauzi> I agree! without confidence, it aint no good!

    Samantha> LOL! no you can’t!

    Gin Hooi> True true. better looking people seems to have it easier.

    Ginl> lol. sounds like an idea. 😉

    clauds> after all men just only care about a hot body right? how about ugly fat and smart? would that change your decision?

    brian> true. inner beauty is the best right?

    Gin Hooi> assuming its just ugly (and i guess it’s a normal body) and smart, i’ll go for being lil miss smarty pants but if its ugly, fat and smart vs pretty, hot bod and dumb, i would have to go for pretty and dumb. :/ i can always do sales with that face and hot bod! 😛


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