today was chatting to a good fren of mine till 3 plus am… was mr jeff foo toon hui!

long time havent chatted with him… but tis old pal and i still can ramble abt everything… knew him when i was year one and i was in program comm and he was in log comm. helpful fella! after we both ran for bsc, and got in, my impression of him grew. fun guy who is a barrel of laughs.. he has de funniest jokes and always struck a me as a BFG. de big frenly giant. mr gentle and sweet. and always there for u when u are in need. one thing great about him also is tat he loves to club. a very sporting fella! before he went offline, he said tis to me “Drink lotsa water as the weather is very HOT this dayz”.

wow! u tell me which guy fren would tell u tis? sweet aint he? gals, if u are unattached, its time to consider him. wanna knoe more abt him? look at my links. i have his blog. and dun ever tink he is too tall coz if yours truly who is at a mere height og 145cm can date a strapping fella at 170+++, mr jeff is juz nice for u. with muscles too!

pics of him~

tis is a very ugly pic of me. aiyah, sacrifice my ugly pic to put jeff’s pic… there u go!

my very good fren, JEFF!

hee. nad trying to matchmake!

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