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that thing about the french restaurant..

a week ago, some of us had dinner at this restaurant located near beauty world. the ambience was nice, service was good, company was hilarious.. unfortunately the dinner portions were tiny! 🙁 🙁 🙁 quite pathetic actually. i had a tiny steak and a mocktail and it amounted to fifty buckaroos. for the same amount, i could have eaten at black angus with a much bigger steak!

anyway, this will be mainly a pictorial entry. so enjoy the pics and video.

my pathetic steak.

wasn’t bloody enough for me. *pun intended*

aloe vera’s veal. looks yummy!

akk’s and naiveguy’s lamb chops play a long!

the torchlight..

check out the electronic pepper shaker/grinder/whatever u call it. it was my first time seeing one!

the ladies decided to try the mocktail after reading the interesting description..

where’s the snowcap?! a bit too sour for me.

barffie’s & naiveguy’s bomba alaska. tiny version.

its no wonder i looked so depressed after reaching home. still hungry. lol!

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