Would You Rather? – Run vs Whining

Since this week’s StarBlog topic is rather well… political, let’s do something along that theme yeah?

This week’s question is courtesy of Tiger.

Would You Rather?

1) Run for politics and make a difference


2) Continue do nothing but whine away about how things are.

Basically the main gist of it is whether will you step up to make a difference or would you just do our National pasttime : complaining.

Choose one and explain why!

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  1. would of course run for politics and make a difference if I can!
    No point whining, and wasting time away when we cant do any difference by whining! 🙂
    It only depress ourselves more than we are already am!

    Think even if we dont run for politics, the easiest thing that could be done would be, writing emails to the various departments! 😀


  2. Run for politics, there are so many things I would like to change about the way Singapore is run….

    But if I fail to get into politics, I would continue to do what I am currently best at: