If the US Presidential election were open to citizens of the world, who would you vote for and why: John McCain or Barack Obama?

Politics! This week’s topic. I don’t usually follow politics (especially in Singapore cause I feel that it always end up the same.) but I have been following McGoondu’s nonsense eversince Tiger showed me a video.

Here’s my take at this week’s topic.

Come on support! You hardly see me actually writing about politics. Infact I think this is my first time.


  1. I would give a surprising answer: John McCain, because Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to lead America during this catastrophic economic crisis. Let the Democrats rule four years later when the economy improves :p Imagine everyone blaming Obama for the terrible state of affairs and the Republicans will be back in office four years later. Bleah. Just my opinion ^_^


  2. astrorainfall: that’s an interesting point however i can’t stand the thought of the republicans ruling for another 4 years. Bush was bad enough and now with MacGoondu and Palin? zzz