Cravings. I hate them.

I think my stomach only wakes up after 12 midnight.

I usually get really really really really hungry then and I’ll be craving for anything and everything.

These are my cravings at this moment.

1. Cereal prawns
2. Durian
3. Stingray
4. Sambal Kangkong
5. Ayam Penyet
6. McDees Double Cheeseburger
7. McDees McNuggets
8. Steak
9. My special omelette. Haven’t made it in years!
10. Chicken wings!
11. Cheese platter at Brotzeit
12. Maggi Mee Goreng
13. Baked Rice
14. Lasagne
15. Sushi

HUNGRY!!!!! I’m trying to cut down on suppers as I’ve been feeling a little pudgey these days. Time to start exercising! And I’m sick so I can’t take such heaty food. Oh well. 🙁

Shall continue piah-ing my assignment. Take care folks!

P/S- If you were wondering why I haven’t updated on the other episodes of the Unexpected Australia trip, that’s because I haven’t received the pics despite chasing for months. 🙁 Apologies! Updates will be in once the pics are in. Hopefully I’ll receive them before Christmas.

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