Would You Rather? – Taxi vs Bus / Train

Did you miss WYR? I hope you did! Anyway, I ask this week’s question because I have a pet peeve here. Once everyone has answered the question, I’ll blog about it! This week’s question is by Tiger btw! He actually gave me a very naughty WYR but let’s save that for next week! 😛

If you were running late, Would You Rather?….

1) Take a taxi?


2) Take a bus or train?

Choose one and explain why!

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7 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Taxi vs Bus / Train”

  1. For me, it depends on the time of the day. If I am running late in the morning or any peak hours, I would still choose to take the train because in the morning (or during peak hours), its so hard to get a taxi, and you risk being later.

    If its during non peak hours and I am running late, I would definitely go for taxis!


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