Would You Rather? – Bike or Car

It has been a long time since I had a WYR. Oops.

Anyway, this week’s WYR is something I’ve been thinking about.

Would You Rather?

1) Get a bike. Afterall, the bike itself is cheaper than getting a car, parking would be cheaper and easier and you’ll get to your destination faster with all of that zipping in and out lanes. Downside is the weather, riding in the rain is horrible and also how dangerous it could be.

2) Get a car. While it is much more expensive than owning a bike, it would be more comfortable. I’ll never have to worry about the weather however the loans would definitely be more taxing on my pocket.

Choose one and explain why!

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4 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Bike or Car”

  1. Bike.

    but depends on what kind of bike.

    the one i have now :
    cheap, point A to B, “free” parking.

    the one i USED to have :
    damn fast, beats ferraris, “free” parking”, brings me to thailand

    the danger and weather doesn’t bother me much, so all the arguments about safety and whatever doesn’t affect me at all.

    that means i’m a true biker~


  2. Car~

    – has Aircon
    – keeps away the sun & rain
    – keeps my shopping bags

    *although having a bike is so much cheaper… but hot le in Singapore with unpredictable showers ~ LOL*


  3. Car..

    Besides the thing about weather, my brother got into 2 accidents since he started riding a bike.. of cos, driving a car will have its share of accidents but sometimes you wont get injured that easily.


  4. I would rather get a car because I am not subjected to weather conditions!

    But, havin a bike has its pro too.

    U can easily whizz your way through cars when there is a traffic jam!


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