Would You Rather? – Dress Up or Dress Down

Apologies for the lack of WYRs.

Here’s this week’s WYR.

Going out on dates… Some of us prefer to dress up, to look good with all of the works while some of us prefer to dress down, comfortably.

Which do you prefer? Assume extremes here.

Would You Rather?

1) Dress up.

2) Dress down.

I for one would rather dress up anytime. You’ll never know where your date might bring you to and I won’t want to embarass my company.

I can’t stand it when any of my dates dress too casually (unless it’s just going somewhere casual.) Tiger used to wear jeans and slippers. Horrid combo and despite me telling him not to do so, he continued doing so. I should have burnt those slippers.

Choose one and explain why!

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5 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Dress Up or Dress Down”

  1. i would rather dress up. because dressing down makes u look as if u don’t respect the person u r going out with, and at least if u over dress, u know u still look stunning and everyone will take notice! haha. 🙂


  2. Dress up of cos is for important & special occasions!*cos i am lazy…but once in awhile dressing up is fun!*

    Dress down is for me to go around within my neighbourhood *hahaha* u will see me in shorts & tee shirt in bugis all the time…


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