Would You Rather? – To love or Be loved

Here’s this week’s WYR.

Would You Rather?

1) Be in a relationship where you love him/her more than he/she loves you?


2) Be in a relationship where he/she loves you more than you love him/her?

Choose one and explain why!

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4 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – To love or Be loved”

  1. Having liked a lot of girls who didn’t like me back, I’d say that I’d rather be in #2. That said, neither choice is ideal for the long term prospects of the relationship itself, although with #2 it would probably feel very good in the beginning.


  2. i guess i will choose 2.

    of course i will still have to love him to a certain extent. but if he loves me more, he will give in more to me, treat me better, give more care, etc. I guess with so much TLC from him, i will treat him better as time passes too. 🙂


  3. Well, I would choose no.1; to love more than the person loves me.

    The reason is simple. If you love that person, but you find out that that person does not nearly love you as much… you will start know the truth. At first you might be blinded, saying that ‘he/she will come to love me one day’. But soon, you will get sick of waiting & leave.

    This is better then option 2, because you will feel guilty in option 2. The guilt will linger in your hurt, whereas the hurt in option 1 will one day fade(but not forgotten of course) into nothingness.

    Many people might choose option 2, as it is the EASIER way to go. But in the end, I’d pick option 1.
    Like they say, ” You never fall in love if you never fall at all. ”
    Learning to love again a brand new journey.



  4. I will choose no.2. Cos the guy will treat me better and treasure me more like his precious (speaking from past experience and current r/s). In a r/s, the love from a guy and a gal will never be the same. It will always be either party who loves one another more than the other party does. 🙂


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