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Wondering how to change your name legally?

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So… I mentioned in my previous post that I had changed my name legally. Also had some questions from friends when I posted about my deed poll. So here are some tips on how to get your name changed, legally!

Get a deed poll done.

A deed poll is a legal document that expresses an active intention. (Source: Wikipedia)

Simply do a search online for any legal firms in Singapore. Most of them would be able to do a deed poll.

How to go about getting it done?


Usually most law firms would ask you to fill in a form and send in scanned copies of your NRIC (front and back) before your appointment to shorten the process. However, you are still able to fill in the form and send in your documents on the day itself. During the appointment day, you’ll be asked to sign the deed poll in the presence of a lawyer.

Do take note that you’ll need to bring your NRIC.

How long would it take?

It should take less than an hour if you have submitted your documents prior to your appointment

How much does it cost?

I did a simple search online and it seems to be as low as $70. I paid about $96.30 for mine. Honestly I did not do much research for mine. :/

What do I have to do next?

After the deed poll is done, you’ll have to register your new name and get a new IC done. And inform the whole wide world everyone like your employer, banks, telcos etc about your new name.

For me, I chose to do it at a time where I’ll need to re-register for a new NRIC. One shot do deed poll and apply for new NRIC! As of today, I have sent in my registration and am still waiting for the notification to when I’ll be able to collect my new IC. As of now, I’ve paid $10 for the re-registration of the IC.

After which, I’ll need to register for a new Passport (which will cost $70 if I’m correct) and to inform the whole wide world.

That’s all? 

It’s that simple! Now go forth and get your spanking new name. Pssst, you can also call yourself crazy names like Your Royal Highness.

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