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Tips on getting along with your in-laws

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I think I am extremely blessed. I get along fine with my in-laws. That being said, I believe that there is a considerable amount of effort that both parties have invested in the relationship 🙂

Here are some tips that I’ll like to share tips on how to get along with your in-laws. Well, to be exact, with your mother-in-law.

I’ve heard of so many scary stories from friends and I’m glad that so far, I have yet to encounter any. Phew.


Some may not know this. My MIL doesn’t speak english while I do not speak Teochew or Mandarin. My very little mandarin that I know is in bits and pieces. That being said, I still try my best to communicate with my in-laws rather than keep quiet. (I also attribute this to my very talkative nature and the inability to keep my mouth shut)

I like to think that my in-laws enjoy chatting with me, despite the communication breakdown.


I am not going to paint a pretty picture here. There are some times where I just don’t get it. I may not understand where they’re coming from but I try my best. To me, if it doesn’t matter that bad to me, I’ll let it slide. If it does, I will speak up.

For example, once my in-laws suggested we push our wedding date later to accommodate our BTO. I said no and that I really wanted my 1314 date. They understood and said nothing else.

On their part, they had wanted a chinese wedding banquet, Skai and I gave in. And honestly, we had the time of our lives planning for the wedding. Till today, I look back with fond memories. I appreciated that we all came to a conclusion and we made the best out of our decision. Plus, if giving in means I score cookie points (and I sure did for the beautiful wedding!) and not have to live with any erm nagging for the rest of my life, why not?

Also, for the tomb sweeping thingy. While I do not practice that, I accompany the Sims whenever they go for it. While it isn’t my most favourite thing to do, I understand the need to pay their respects to our ancestors. So I do it.

Don’t neglect them

I make it a point to suggest to Skai to bring his parents out. For example, the Christmas light up at Gardens by the Bay. I remembered that my parents-in-law love looking at Christmas light ups in Orchard. I then suggested that Skai and I bring them to view the lights. They loved it!

I also make a point to remind Skai that we should bring his parents out once in a while. In fact, I dare say that most of the outings are initiated by me. To me, I never want them to feel that they are losing their son to me. I want them to feel that they have gained a daughter.


And I believe they are happy with our relationship. Just like I really enjoy our relationship now. All it needs, is a little bit of work. (Or well, more for some of you girls)

But never give up trying! You’ll never want your husband to be in a tight situation. Do you have any other tips on how to get along with your in-laws? Feel free to comment!

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